A player came to us with a fairly clear-cut case: they had scored a nice hit on slots while using a bonus, ground through their
with small bets and tried to cash out. The casino denied their withdrawal and locked the player's account, saying "you are not allowed to make low bets after hitting a big target". The player called for clarification and was told pretty much the same thing. When the player asked to see the Terms on which this decision was based the service rep was unable to do so.

What we do see in the casino's terms is this:
9.2 Your use of any real money bonuses is subject to Our review for irregular playing patterns. To ensure fair gaming, We consider low margin, equal, zero bets or hedge betting to be irregular gaming for the use of bonuses. Further examples of irregular playing patterns also include, but are not limited to: (i) placing single or multiple bets on any single game that sums over the value of seventy percent or more of the bonus credited with the intention of clearing the bonus until the release requirements have been met; (ii) if We suspect you have attempted to use a bonus contrary to the spirit of the Promotional offering; (iii) if We suspect that you have sought to deviously profit from a bonus offered by Us in good faith (for example, the acceptance of a bonus, wagering the minimum amount and immediately withdrawing the funds. In the event that We deem that an irregular playing pattern has taken place, We reserve the right to prevent you from cashing out Account funds and/or withhold any of Your winnings derived from Your use of the bonus.
As we see it this is pretty clearly a "spirit of the bonus" situation: these are not legitimate grounds for confiscating player winnings.

We tried for several weeks to get the casino to respond to this player's issue. They did not respond. The representative that we've dealt with in the past was equally silent.

Warning: WPT Casino is withholding player winnings for very dubious reasons and seems to be enforcing a "spirit of the bonus" policy against players. The casino is not responding to efforts to bring player issues forward for discussion. Players are advised to avoid WPT Casino.