WPN's Online Black Jack is Rigged. DO NOT PLAY


Jun 3, 2019
Blackjack is a casino table game where the house has an inherent built-in advantage. Thus, players of blackjack should expect to lose over time. That is a statistical fact. However, sites that exist offshore and accept US players from states where online gaming is illegal, sites like ACR, exploit this reality and essentially give the player about a 2% of winning any session over 30 hands. It is done by manipulating the code in your casino client to increase the dealer’s edge to 10% or higher. Strong assertions that sound like another disgruntled customer of the online casino crying about losing. And I am sure there is no shortage of individuals like that because its obscene what transpires. It’s the data that tells the story of this fraud, not sour grapes. Feel free to look up my claims because they are all backed up by the numbers. And while the sample size could be larger I only I have so much money I can keep losing. But I am confident these results would not vary greatly from what they were the last two nights. I would have more data that just re-inforces what is a trend of the dealer getting 20 and rarely busting except once you shut down the casino client your hand histories are no longer available..

I was dealt 177 hands spread out over three separate sessions and the results all rang eerily similar. Basically, the dealer gets a 20 or 21 around 31% of the time. The avg wager of my winning hands was 66% smaller than the wagers of my losing hands. The same goes for double down situations. Of the DD I won my wager was an eye-popping 88% less than the ones I lost. More of the same when it came to being dealt a blackjack where my avg. wager was 100% higher when the dealer got blackjack than when I was blessed with a 21.

The worst part is the amount of 11's I was dealt on to double down recieve garbage A-5 as the dealer would draw several cards and win with an 18. As was the number of 17,18 or 19's I was dealt on to watch the dealer flip a 20. Over and over and over again.,

When put together it is a recipe for disaster and the player has virtually no shot of leaving with a profit. SO I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE TO AVOID WPNs CASINO AT ALL COSTS. You are better off pulling money from your wallet and flushing it down the toilet because then at least a legitimate piece of shit could enjoy your hard-earned dollar.

WPN is a crooked operation please AVOID AVOID AVOID