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Mar 10, 2005
These are pretty cool.....It's like a slot machine in each tournament lobby window where you can spin @ .01, .25 or $1 to win the entry + house fee to get in the tournament. It's a simple 1 line 3 wheel slot with face cards (A-J). If you hit 3oak, you're automatically registered into the tournament.

I've tried this a few times in the past, just to shave off my extra pennies (but yet never spinning more than 10 times at once.) I actually won for the 1st time today, spinning 3 times @ .01 for a .50+.05 MTTSNG :thumbsup:


PS: I don't know how it's weighted, but would anyone know the approx. odds of winning for this "slot?" I'm sure it's weighted differently compared to how much you pay each spin compared to the buy-in amount.... ie: 1c/spin to get into a $550 tournament compared to $1/spin for the same one.

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I think the concept of these is cool. However, in practice, it's no good for us as affiliates. Why you ask?

1) I'm pretty sure that when players use this feature, the money they gamble is not being reported as poker rake, but is considered casino revenue.

2) Winning Poker Network does NOT pay affiliates any sports or casino commissions. Under no circumstances. (You can get them by using Bookmaker, or BetDSI which are also on WPN, but then those operators will NOT pay you any poker related commissions).

3) I also dislike that WPN runs "bet the superbowl" promos and whatnot. You see, they charge affiliates 7% for deposits and withdrawals of their customer base. But they don't pay anything for sportsbook or casino losses (you can't even track the data). As such, the poker room is advertising their sports betting products, and you as a poker affiliate, get the privilege of paying them for your sports betting customers.

Otherwise, I like WPN...

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