Worst casino I ever dealt with, Diamond Reels


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Jul 25, 2016
Found them about 2 days ago and thought cool I'll give them a shot. Went in and my CC I use is just finicky, as most casinos understand that I've dealt with... So the measly deposit didn't go thru but I was locked out of my account. I let it sit there for a day, said to context customer service... So I went in and just figured they'd say send verification docus or to use a different deposit method which I would've used btc just seeing how sensitive they are about that.

Lol, guess not.... Rep said due to my negative activity I'm permanently locked.

Never even played a cent and they banned me for a 35 dollar deposit that didn't go thru. Most all of these casinos it happens and when it does they just say try a different method.. No big deal. These guys are awful, how do they make any money if they're so quick to off someone?


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