Ignition + Cafe Casino (bovada group) 6 Figure Slowpay/Months of Delays (Crosspost)

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Sep 21, 2013
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Posting this here since I know a lot of people here just stick to the USA forum.

Made another post in the casino complaints section that will has much more detail:

Ignition and Cafe Casino, $Hundreds of Thousands Locked Up for Months, Never-ending Delays and Repeating Verification Requests (Bovada/Bodog Group) - Casinomeister Forum

Had some big wins mostly while playing their progressive slots (mainly the "hot drop" ones) and they've basically been screwing around ever since then. Accounts have been locked up (across the casino group) since October. Month and a half of repeated account verification requests of every way, shape and form followed by a month and a half of just waiting. Kind of regret all the times I've recommended them on here now, pretty much the only casino left I still recommend is 3dice.

In hindsight, wish I'd posted this around a month or two ago but I was indecisive if I wanted to go full scorched earth, take everything public and try to reach out to people in the gambling community with an audience who may have known me from years ago, but just didn't really come to any kind of decision. So here we are.
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