BC payout declined due to 'network congestion'?


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Dec 1, 2011
So, I cashed out via BC on Sunday and waited my allotted 48 hours. I woke up this morning, happy because I knew my BC payout would be greeting me. Instead, I got an email saying "Unfortunately, this payout was denied for the following reason: Withdrawal of $2,000.00 via Bitcoin denied due to network congestion."

I go back to the casino and BC isn't even a withdraw option for me now. Only wire transfer and a check. Chat informs me they don't know how long this will last, their processor has informed them they can't do BC payouts right now. However, the deposit option of BC is still available. Well, isn't that convenient?

I'm supposed to just keep checking to see if that withdraw option becomes available again and guess what? Then wait another required 48 hours.

I'm so disappointed and a little angry right now. Am I wrong to think that if that option becomes available again that they should have the means to process the payout immediately?

And the more I sit and think about it, what's to say that when it 'becomes available' again and I can request the payout, that in two days it won't 'become unavailable' - just like it was this time? Another reason in my opinion that the withdraw should be processed immediately.
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The bitcoin network is severly congested right now, at the time of writing there is 300K transactions waiting to be processed. With the average block time of about 20 minutes and only 1K transactions going thru and about 4 to 5K additional transactions being added to the que within that frame. The fee for sending bitcoin is crazy right now.
That's why I've also been a fan of casinos offering more than BTC for paying winnings. I've found in my experience that Litecoin and Doge have better built networks than BTC ever has had. Plus the fees have rare gone near as crazy as ETH and BTC have. Sorry you had a win and this is all going on. It's all part of the bull and bear runs that BTC has been having lately.
Yeah it doesn't really excuse the casino or their inability to communicate the situation but the fee was pretty crazy for a little while, something like $30 for a very simple transaction. Think it's gone down to $5 now. Regardless of "congestion," a transfer can always be sent through if the person is willing to the market rate fee.

Casino should probably eat the cost on that for $2000 withdrawal, but understandable why they wouldn't for smaller ones.

I guess it's possible they have a deal with their payment processor where the processor kind of screws them over and takes a high fee in general to process transactions and just doesn't send at all when it becomes very expensive though, so that the casino doesn't really know how to make an exception unless they went out of their way to help you, but who knows.
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Still no resolution to this. Crazy that they can take incoming BC but not payout via BC. I bet I'm not the only frustrated customer. Although, I can't lie. I already gave them their money back from my winnings. Did we expect anything less to happen? That's on me, it's called 'no self-control'. LOL

CHAT: I was able to check on our end for you, what is happening is that Bitcoin is currently having an ongoing issue with their Service Provider and is unable to process withdrawals at this time. However, they are tirelessly working on having this resolved as soon as possible so you are able to use this method again.
"Bitcoin is currently having an ongoing issue with their Service Provider"

Casinos sure do love trying to pass on the blame, don't they? Bitcoin is basically a lump of computer code, there's no service provider, the problem is on their end. Now, if they said, "we are currently having an issue with our payment processing service provider," maybe it would be accurate.

There never was any bitcoin issue, in any case, just that transaction fees were high. Those high prices have basically resolved by now and are in a normal range.
Can anyone tell me how to get your bitcoin address from cashapp , I can buy and use but can't receive? If this is not the place to post , I will remove it ! Thank you for any insight!
Can anyone tell me how to get your bitcoin address from cashapp , I can buy and use but can't receive? If this is not the place to post , I will remove it ! Thank you for any insight!
Click on Bitcoin in your Cashapp. Right underneath your "Buy" button is a blue button that says 'Deposit Bitcoin' and in small letters it says "Get Your Bitcoin Address". Click on that and then click on the Blue 'B' button that says Bitcoin Network. That will copy your Bitcoin address. It changes so you want to go there and recopy it any time you're using it. Let me know if all this makes sense!

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