I think I know why casino extreme is instant pay

Are there any other casinos that have the games that extreme does but also payout instantly? I have tried Extreme and have won a few times but for the most part no and if so small amounts. It's a shame too because I am a faithful player and woukd show more love if they would. I have been at 3dice since 2009 and probably bought Enzo and Anna a house, new car and kids college...lol...seriously. If you guys can steer me towards an instant pay reputable casino I will give them a try. I love Ancient God. I use to play at the sister casino Brango but after an illness came back, deposited, cashed out for 1k and they wouldn't give it to....said the coupon was over a year or so old. I said then why was it on my account? Rather than get upset I thought well you lost my business. Anyway, hit me up with any suggestions. Thanks!
Mr.Ocasino and their sister casino eternalslots both pay instantly. Iā€™ve used them both but when it comes down to it, RTG/spinlogic are hard slots to play these days. Something happened with the extreme group a couple of years ago for the worse and I never went back. Mr.O and eternal are surprisingly similar to that group but claim not to be affiliated.
Casino Extreme has been around for a while and is reviewed here at Casinomeister
Because those mofos ain't paying anyone šŸ˜‚

Jfc I mean I haven't spent a ton there because im just gunshy of totally losing my ass but I play no different for the most part than I do at sloto and other similar casinos, and I just can't get nothing going at casino extreme at all.. Not even like a moment where I could say hey let me take advantage of this instant payout and snag a grand or something.

Anyone having luck at extreme any lately?

I won, but they denied my pay out on some sank in the grass type of way. I played 777 with some of my winnings after already completing the wager requirements so they rejected my payout. I've deposited thousands.
Casino Extreme has been around for a while and is reviewed here at Casinomeister

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