Worrying problem at NETELLER?


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Aug 25, 2004
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Has anyone else been getting e-mails like the one below?

I've had about 4 in 10 days. After the first one I e-mailed them to ask what is going on & was told it was a 'system error'.
But they have continued to come. A friend of mine has had several too.

Anybody know what's going on?
(Obviously I have never requested any such withdrawal.)

Subject: Declined Transaction from your NETELLER Account

Dear NETELLER Member:

Recently you attempted to transfer an amount from your NETELLER Account to an online merchant site. Unfortunately, this transaction exceeded the transfer limit for your account level. In accordance with our Account Limits Policy, this transaction has been denied.

To ensure the success of future transfer transactions, please upgrade your Account. Simply sign in to your NETELLER Account at www.neteller.com and click the "Upgrade your Account" link in the QuickLinks section of the Accounts page.

After you have updated your Account you can initiate another transfer transaction on the merchant site.

Thank you.

NETELLER Customer Service Team
I get one almost every time I deposit...They had a system upgrade few weeks ago and have been getting these messages ever since...just don't understand why =) First I thought it had something to do with the new deposit limits that have been set to minimum 15euros, but I got those messages after bigger deposits too...hope someone has information what's this all about?
I posted about this at winneronline.com more than a month ago. It surprises me that Neteller still has not fixed this problem. The only solution I know is to blacklist the address from which these e-mail are sent. If everybody phoned them every time they got one of these e-mail messages, customer services would be overloaded and perhaps someone higher up at Neteller would take notice.
I have never received that email, and I've made deposits and withdrawals recently.
trkwak said:
I have never received that email, and I've made deposits and withdrawals recently.
Not sure where "out there" is :)D), but I think it's probably just for UK & possibly other European players after they changed things for us recently.

It is odd that a company of Neteller's profile didn't come up with a solution for this nuisance in a few hours, nevermind a month.
This appears to be a phishing scam. It looks like the classic model that you see from supposed banks, credit card companies, etc.

I would not click on the link in the e-mail. I would manually forward the e-mail to Neteller's support team. eBay, Paypal have spoof-at-website addresses for the huge amounts of phishing scams that internet thieves make ripping off their logos and info.
It is all due to an update, the problem will be fixed at the latest Wednesday!
jinnia said:
It is all due to an update, the problem will be fixed at the latest Wednesday!

Well Im STILLgetting them. Even complaining to NETeller doesnt work
They must be really stupid at Neteller. They should never be asking their customers to go through in-mail links to accomplish account management tasks. That's just setting everybody up as phish (email scam) bait.

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