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Jan 31, 2006
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Hi everyone. I was playing with $500 on both Club Dice and Brandy casino a week or so back. That $1,000 investment netted me $56,000 in winnings between the 2 casinos. I was so happy, and cashed out $30,000 at Brandy and $26,000 at Club Dice.

I didn't mind too much the 7 business day holding period for my Firepay deposits, even the extra 3 days they claimed they needed for Management review, but i got an e-mail from both casinos stating they had maximum monthly withdrawal limits. Even though i am a "Premium VIP Member" at both casinos, Brandy told me they would only let me withdraw $5,000 a month and Club Dice only $10,000 a month. It will take me 6 months to collect my winnings this way! They referred me to their terms and conditions, but it only states there that "new players" have maximum withdrawal limits, and on Brandy's site it specifically says VIP members have no withdrawal limits!

I have written several e-mails and made a bunch of calls to both casinos and been given the run-around and no answers. Even managers have not responded! Heck, even my VIP host has avoided my questions! I asked if i won $100,000 on a slot, would i have to get it paid out $5,000 a month for 20 months??? no answers.

Anyone have experience with this, or a suggestion? I know i should be grateful i have $56,000 coming to me, but i wasn't expecting a payment plan. I know their goal is for me to spend the money, which actually is even more incentive for me NOT to spend it..

Anyway, that's my story.... any help?

If the casino managers are not responding to your perfectly legitimate concerns and questions, then you should try the Playtech disputes channel as a first move imo.

If the T&Cs place no cashout restrictions on VIP Members, and you are a VIP member then it would appear to be a no-brainer that you should be able to withdraw in lump sums from these two casinos.

Whilst substantial sums (congrats btw!) these cashouts ought not to be beyond the ability of well established casinos like these to pay timeously if your affairs are in order.

Please keep us advised here of your progress.
Many Playtech Casinos are having a "monthly maximum withdrawal" set in their terms and there is usually no way to get around it. Even though it is their legit right to pay in installments, ignorance of any customer is rude and good Casino would not do this.
I am a VIP at Brandy as well and have always been pleased with their service, payments, etc. -If nothing helps at all though you should indeed forward this to Playtech's dispute channel :)rolleyes: ) and keep in mind to do so before their 60 days timeframe in order to do so have elapsed.

Good luck.
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