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Dec 12, 2000
Author Topic: The Newest RTG Scum Steps Forward--WINNERSPLAYGROUND
Member posted 06-04-2002 03:43 PM
No surprise here. Yet another RTG casino kicks its players in the teeth.
Here's the dish.

Last week, Winners Playground sent their players an invitation to join their SUMMER CELEBRATION. Specifically, this offer invited players to deposit money every weekday for one week, making a minimum of a $25 deposit each day from Monday through Friday. On Saturday, they promised, all deposits would be returned automatically and a bonus of 20% (the average of all deposits) would be in the players' accounts. The terms were difficult, but fair. All players needed to wager their deposits TWO TIMES before a withdrawal. Then wager their bonus EIGHT TIMES.

Additionally this information was on their website--I've got a screen shot, if you want it--posted all the way thru Monday, the first day of the promotion.

Then once players were hooked into the promotion, depositing money, the CASINO QUIETLY CHANGED ITS TERMS. Late Tuesday the Casino changed its terms so that players now needed to wager their deposit FIVE TIMES!!!

Did they tell anyone? Hell no.

Did they email all those players they'd invited to their "bait-n-switch" promo to let them know it good faith that the deal had changed SUBSTANTIALLY? Hell no again. Aparently they are planning to just let players keep slugging money into their casino all week long, then maybe this Saturday, they might let them know, opps, you didn't wager enough. Sorry! No bonus for you. Thanks for playing at Winners Playground!

It's not that the casino won't honour their promotion. It's worse than that. They did it quietly, to bleed players a little more.

So post it everywhere you can. Save those players that got suckered into this deal. Most likely their bonus won't even show up at all because the terms have changed and--guess what?--hardly anyone knows. I just happened to check their web site to see about ways to deposit money when I HAPPENED across it.

Better yet, for those deposits that were made earlier this week, while their WEB SITE CLEARLY SAID TWO TIMES DEPOSIT, even those deposits now need to be wagered FIVE TIMES, retoactively.

How did Mister Staw ever sucker me into playing a little coin at RTG again? I'm having trouble thinking of one RTG casino that hasn't lied in a very public manner or comitted what the OPA considers FRAUD.

I played at three casinos for nonbonus play this week, just for kicks. I also played at Casino Kingdom this week for a bonus. Did I even think of taking a screen shot of their casino? Hell, no. Microgaming is very reliable, honest. RTG, another story.

Feel free to copy this message in its entirity to any board you think appropriate as a way of letting players know they have been had. Hopefully you will be helping some players lose less of their own money.


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