Winner Screenshots May 2024

Been enjoying a series of good hits today!

Dragon Boat Festival, 415x - the Hold & Spin came in 2 spins before my auto ran out and brought a 200x Diamond along as well, which even if it would hit only once in 8 respins was very nice to see!
Skjermbilde (1800).png

BB Bash, 473x - it kept landing double Fishermen in the start and on the 1st spin on x3 I had already unlocked x10! I really thought it was on the way to something magnificent and he even caught 4 fish during the final stage but each of them was only the 2x ones! Mixed emotions but in the end, a welcome win!
Skjermbilde (1805).png

Fortune of Giza, 741x - this looks like something I've posted many times before, and that is because I have! One day he'll appear on the other side too!
Skjermbilde (1809).png

WW Gold MW, 800x - it had me worried I'd blow the whole win from the screenie above after 250 spins of nothingness but then I got it and thanks to a couple of retriggers and a couple of x5's brought into play, it turned out pretty wonderful!
Skjermbilde (1814).png

Gorilla Mayhem, 538x - knowing how cruel this slot can be no matter how great the set-up, I'm delighted to have gotten another win in this region on it right before we'll be parting ways!
Skjermbilde (1820).png
Bermuda Riches, 175x - A decent hit but one of the special chests appearing here would have taken it to splendid. Can't complain, I was betting at where it starts to get slightly out of the comfort zone so just happy I got a win from it.
Skjermbilde (1841).png

Asgard, 268x - An oldie but still a good game, quite action packed even if any bigger wins are few and far between, but so are any bigger losses. Solid wagering slot.
Skjermbilde (1845).png

Sword of Ares, 231x - Exciting how you need to unlock the multipliers. Fell just short of the x35 coming into play but fairly happy with this hit.
Skjermbilde (1850).png

Fortune of Aztec, 207x - Not very excited about this game but nice to hit something while there :)
Skjermbilde (1858).png

Candy Jar Clusters, 218x - Pretty cool concept but I got one too many minimal paying bonuses (including one where all 3 jars were active) for it to remain exciting. Here I was just missing one single 'Grand' for like 30 spins. I actually thought it was going to come in. The following super spins were unsuper.
Skjermbilde (1867).png

Zeus vs Hades, 573x - Such a brutal game which even on minimum bet can do severe damage if left unattended for long but here it gave something nice almost rightaway.
Skjermbilde (7).png
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Hit this the other day. I totally recommend NOT playing this shite! Talk about death by a thousand cuts - this game is more like death by a million cuts! I am totally insane to keep going back to it in the perverted view that it MIGHT just actually pay something decent one day... Ha-ha!

So anyway, this little 154x win only cost me about £900 to get... :eek2:


In case you can't make out the dark writing - it's Vikings Go Berzerk. £1.00 spin, £154.28 win from a VERY rare 14 free-spins.

Ok so I'm happy to finally be able to participate! Haven't had a decent win since I learnt how to screenshot lol. I quit slots beginning of April and my wallet was much better for it but I went back just for a few days. About to give them up again for a bit so this was a nice little win to end on a high. I've had a really bad run on all slots for months, like ridiculously bad until this.

I don't know why I play Shaman Spirit-the bonus rounds only usually pay 10x. I don't normally stake this much but I'd had a few bonus retriggers and could tell it was paying out for once so upped the lines since you can only stake 80p a line now. The bonus round at 3x stake paid out nicely. Ended up withdrawing £600 as if I'd kept going and not got another bonus round my balance would've been gone in minutes and I was determined not to let that happen. Happy slotting everyone!


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some winners, on dead or alive i had 9 spins to get 5th scatter which includes the 5 extra spins.


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Some nice hits in the past few weeks at Bovada, Chumba, and a few other places. A few might have been at VegasCrest. But I longer play there because it took almost 2 months to get paid last time I withdrew and they have removed all their KA games and Bgaming as well. Will stick to Bovada and Chumba for a while. Most the other sites I use to play are unplayable nowadays.

I have a lot more pics. Just too lazy to post them lol


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Can't believe my luck this week. Did well on slingo yesterday so had a decent balance for once, played 9 pots of gold this morning £4 a spin-big losing streak at first until this save of 7 pots-
Kept playing for ages but was about to stop at a couple hundred profit when I got the free spins that landed on 30 at 3x stake and they retrigged FOUR times for a total of 150 free spins x3. The bonus went on soo long! But it was worth the wait.

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