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Nov 4, 2001
Hi Everyone,

After a month and a half of no response, my girlfriend received an explanation as to why she wasn't getting paid over $4100 from Windows Casino. They claimed that they linked her account and her IP address to another account. That was true. But there are reasons for this as you will see.

I appreciate the opinions of others on whether or not we did anything wrong. I sent a version of this email to Windows, Internet Gaming Commission and Disputes @ Real Time Gaming. Only the IGC has responded and they were sympathetic and MAY help.

We should have listened to Bryan and Casinomeister's warnings.

Here is my girlfriend's letter...


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Windows decided not to pay me, a big winner. Caroline at Windows told me why this was done. She said my IP address matches another player's so that constitutes fraud. It does? Here's what Caroline told the Internet Gaming Commission about my account:

"We have banned this player from Windows Casino upon confirming her IP address is identical to that of another player of different registered abode, previously banned. The patterns of play on both accounts are extremely similar. The other account has already received a considerable
amount of winnings, we will not be releasing any further funds."

When Caroline wrote me this morning, she left out the part about patterns of play and about the other player being banned. She just mentioned the IP address. Why she did this will become apparent in a moment.

OK, do you know why the IP address is the same? Because my friend, Joe M., would sometimes come over and gamble at my apartment with his laptop. And sometimes, I would take my DSL modem to his house and play there on my laptop. This is fraud? Joe introduced me to the world of online gambling. We both deposit plenty of our own money at RTG Casinos and others. And we can't play
together at each other's houses when we feel like it? We both opened our (Windows) accounts at different times, on different computers and with unique IP addresses.

And unfortunately, when it comes to telling the truth about what happened, Caroline seems to have a cloudy memory.

Joe, who is the "another player" mentioned, was not banned from Windows. He was told he could not play any more promotions or receive any more bonuses because he used the coupons too often. Here is part of the email that Windows
sent to him:

"Please be advised that no further coupons may be redeemed on your account until further notice, although your account will remain open. Your account may be reviewed in the future
at your request, should you wish to start receiving our promotions again."

Does that sound like he was banned? My Windows account was opened weeks before he received that email.

After this email was received, Joe made two more deposits at Windows that totaled $550. There was no bonus involved. He lost that money. And Caroline is now claiming that he was banned? For what? Losing too much? Will Joe now get that
money back because he is "linked" with me?

She says that the "other" account, (Which was Joe's) had already received a "considerable amount of winnings." Do you know why? It's because Joe deposited $1800 (He has his Pay
Pal records to prove it.) with Windows in April of this year. He then turned it into $2922. I thought that was what casinos were all about? A chance to hit it big by taking a risk. Shouldn't Joe or I be able to do that as much as we like without worrying about not getting paid?

This is laughable and another example of the type of behavior by Real Time Gaming casinos. Most other casinos we have dealt with have been great. Many Real Time Gaming casinos seem to have major problems when it comes to paying big winners. Windows leads this list.

And by the way, do you know why the styles of play are similar? It's because Joe taught me basic strategy and a simple parlay system. He also showed me the Martingale system, which in
the long run, will kill you! Is it fraudulent for two players to use the same volatile system? I guess if you win a lot of money, then all bets are off.

I DID continue to take advantage of Window's bonuses after Joe was told he could not do the same. And yes, I sometimes gambled on his laptop. But when I made all my money that day, it was after losing my deposit on a bonus promotion. I then deposited more of my own money WITHOUT A BONUS and eventually turned it into more than $4000. All of this happened after Joe and I had
blown close to $3000 at a few RTG casinos and another Proc Cyber casino. Isn't if funny how Windows never gave me a problem until I had a big win?

It took over a month for Windows to claim fraud and to deny the winnings to me. Why so long? Were they hoping that I would blow all my winnings? This is another tactic that seems to pervade RTG casinos. Joe once won $7500 at blackjack
at The Casino Online. They took months to make the first payment and then eventually went out of business. He had to accept half of what was owed when RTG stepped in and paid overdue winners.

He had the same experience with Net Club Casino. He won $3400. Net Club delayed the payment for months until Joe finally blew all the money after reversing his withdrawal. You never see this type of delay at Proc Cyber, Play Tech or Odds On casinos. This problem seems limited to casinos that use RTG software.

We have both deposited a lot of money at RTG and other casinos. We have had big wins and we have had big losses. I won $27,000 at Twin Aces and lost $33,000 at the same casino within the
next week. Joe had had plenty of ups and downs too. You would think that RTG casinos would keep us happy since we deposit a lot of our own money. But that's not the case.

Recently, on the Casinomeister's website, Bryan Bailey stated that RTG was trying to clean up their act. Is this the way to do it? I think not. The ball is in the court of RTG and Windows Casino. I hope one of you steps up and does what is right to rectify this situation. If so, my opinion of RTG will be more positive. Until
situations like this stop occurring, online gambling will continue to be stuck with a bad reputation. And to tell you the truth, right
now, that reputation is deserved.

I'll be waiting to hear from RTG or Windows Casino.


Alma A.
While I sympathize with your situation, you should have known better to play (with a bonus) from your friends computer, once Windows stopped allowing him bonuses. How does Windows know whether or not you allowed your friend to use YOUR account to get more bonuses?

I admit to having played a lot at Windows lately, despite the OPA's blacklist, and despite numerous complaints Gambling Grumbles (and Julie's own personal opinion that this site should be avoided.)

Friedman may well be a crook.

But for the past year, his casino has been offering some of the best bonuses on the net ON A REGULAR BASIS, and he's been paying everyone I know (even the bonus hunters). Also, the AOL instant messenger customer service is pretty darned good. Not once out of like 20 chats did I have a problem going into chat with a rep. Now that's darned good.

Personally I decided never to setup an account here till the last few months. I just won $600 above my deposit and got paid in 4 days to Paypal.

Right now Friedman's policy of dealing with bonus hunters is to simply send them an email stating they are no longer entitled to any more promotions. These players are not banned, and can continue playing without bonuses. Also, he pays these players in full.

This is a direct "about face" from his policy of 2 yrs ago when a stole winnings and bonuses from legit players. There is no excuse for what he did.

But make no mistake . . . there is still $$$ to be made here. Good cover play is the key. Occasionally making a deposit with no bonus will help you stick it out a while.

The money I made was without a bonus. That's when I was banned. They never said anything about
bonus abuse. They lied, plain and simple, when they said Joe had been banned. Normally Windows IS good. But not this time.

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