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Jun 24, 2001
My screening process apparently did not catch Windows casino being a problematic casino, according to many online sources. By the time I saw the comments written about them, I've already started playing there so I continued anyway.

I made a cash out as soon as I could, with some winnings, and I got my money fairly promptly (a little over a week). So I was wondering what they did to give them the bad rep.
Hi Sleepyhead,

Wake up and smell the coffee!!!

Hah! Had to say that! Anyway, windows casino is one to avoid, at least I certainly would not consider playing there. For one thing, I am always leery of casinos that give themselves their own stamp of approval. The Egaimingcommission is owned by the same people who run windows casino.

Deceptive and misleading.

The owner of the casino, Tony Friedman tried to organize the "Online Casino Managers Association" which was sharing confidential player information between a number of casinos.

No scruples.

There have also been quite a few unanswered complaints from the OPA.

No resolution and aloof.

So if you wish to play there, go ahead. I wouldn't.


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