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William Hill Support Issues

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Mr. C, Nov 9, 2005.

    Nov 9, 2005
  1. Mr. C

    Mr. C Dormant account

    New England
    I've been having trouble accessing the flash and download version of william hill.

    They don't have an email address, and their USA phone number doesn't work - it's 8 digits and upon calling I'm directed to some chat thing. Their international number is always busy.

    Anyone know what to do?
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2005
  2. Nov 9, 2005
  3. scrollock

    scrollock Senior Member

    boro, uk
    ive had this plenty of times with will hill, both this error and the lack of help from CS.

    the phone no. use to goto to a fax machine, but it looks like they have changed this now to whatever you got through to.

    simple solution is to give up on resolving the issue and just open up a new account.

    just as they have dont employ anyone in CS to help sort out your problem, they dont employ anyone in security to stop you opening more than one account.

    i dont condone this behavior, but in willhills case where support is 100% non existant i.e. emails never answered, tel no.s that dont work, then this is the only solution.
  4. Nov 10, 2005
  5. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    House-Husband and Casino Advisor
    Bexhill on sea, England
    I agree with Scrollock. I had this problem myself a few years back.
    As I recall, there is nothing in their T&C's that say you can't open multiple accounts, as long as (obviously) you don't claim multiple bonuses.

    If that does not work you better find another casino because I also agree you're not likely to ever get any help from Will Hills! :(
  6. Nov 10, 2005
  7. Newbie

    Newbie Dormant account

    try this and see if it helps . Log on to the william-hill sports book .

    Click Help on the top right hand corner of the sportsbook .

    Next Click contact us in their support menu .

    Next click e-mail and write down all your queries that you need to address them .

    Been having e-mails communicated through and fro with william-hill this way for quite some time already . Perhaps you can try and see if it helps you .
  8. Nov 10, 2005
  9. GrandMaster

    GrandMaster Ueber Meister CAG

    Mathematician by day, online gambler by night.
    You are extremely lucky to have received a response from Will Hill. I sent them some e-mails in February 2004 and I am still waiting for a reply.
  10. Nov 10, 2005
  11. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.


    Good luck...I waited 3 months earlier this year waiting on a response regarding a bonus issue after I made a deposit. Finally decided to take my business elsewhere where they actually know how to treat a customer at all times...not just when they want to cash out.
  12. Nov 10, 2005
  13. Newbie

    Newbie Dormant account

    Have been a customer with them since World Cup 98 ? No problems with them at all whether is it regarding cashouts , support issues . Have not really seen that kind of rude response given to me so far . I would take my business elsewhere too if they start treating me like that .
  14. Nov 10, 2005
  15. Mr. C

    Mr. C Dormant account

    New England
    I got the first reply within minutes from them when I ended up finding an email address via a google search (The contact form on their site doesn't work, as with the phone number)

    Their answer was unhelpful and largely irrelevant, and now I don't know what to do. I'm still waiting for clarification after replying to them.

    I hope I don't get stiffed for this $80 and my bonus money/winnings so far.
  16. Nov 11, 2005
  17. expertofpoke

    expertofpoke Dormant account

    I have send them some e-mails and no respone too
  18. Nov 12, 2005
  19. uungy

    uungy Dormant account PABnononaccred PABnoaccred PABaccred

    I cant explain why the non-downloa dis not loading, but in my case (also when willhill did not reply) I wrked out that if you log into the non-download/download (boss casino) (as they have boss and crypto) to be able then to play in the crypro casino, you have to click on LOGOUT, not just close the casino page.

    So i advise log back in, then click on LOGOUT and you should be able to log onto the crypto one
  20. Nov 12, 2005
  21. Simmo!

    Simmo! Moderator Staff Member

    Web Dev.
    Good software (Crypto and Boss) and when its all running smoothly it's fine. Trouble is it's fairly obvious WH don't really care about the casino customers - sportsbook is what its all about for them and i guess casino has zero budget. Littlewoods and Ladbrokes used to be the same but those two seem to have woken up and smelt the java this year.

    I had the most frustrating time ever when my casino account locked up just over a year ago. Still unresolved - i gave up...when i eventually got a response they had this really annoying system where you'd report a ticket, then some CS rep would give an answer that didn't work and close the ticket!! You had to start all over again. I gave up and took my business to Littlewoods where i've been ever since.

    Their casino support issues crop up on the forums over and over and over again. Quite surprising for such a well-regarded brand.

  22. Nov 12, 2005
  23. dickens1298

    dickens1298 Dormant account

    LA, California
    Unfortunately, I think you're stuck. I've been able to communicate with them using their customer service tab on their website - but I think it requires an account number, which you likely would not have if you have trouble with access.

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