New Slot Announcement Wild Unicorns by Big Time Gaming


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May 22, 2012
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the bus shelter, opposite GCHQ Benhall
This is their latest 4096-way game, making 6 in total.

56,800x won in testing. The first 4096-way one with tumbles. The base game can theoretically give a 1000x mutliplier by a left or right expanding unicorn wild having the max 3 multipliers all at 10x. In free games you get an increasing multiplier so you could I suppose get the above, multiplied then by the global multiplier you were on.

OK, now I've woken up, here's the video:

not play BTG slots for so long, all new BTG games abet boring ... I heard Danger 2 is coming out
I play Opal Fruits far more than any other BTG slot. A very underrated BTG game I think. I have not been impressed with many releases for years. I like the potential on Outlaw but I find it's basegame complete sh@t. Unfortunately I still play Bonanza a lot too, so my good luck on Opal Fruits usually gets spunked away on Bonanza!
I actually like BBB and Rasputin, makes a change to see some medium volitility games,they wont make you rich
but nice to get some playtime (talking bonus buys, dont know what the base games are like)
Got up to max megaways on BBB with 24 spins to go, thanks to retriggers. Thought "this is it, this is it"..

Got up to max megaways on BBB with 24 spins to go, thanks to retriggers. Thought "this is it, this is it"..

Shit, I should've put this video up on CM then you might have avoided that pain, made this several weeks ago:

I did nearly the same as you in testing but managed to get just under HALF your 205x......
Tried it, had one or 2 decent basehits on it and even one unicorn with 3 multis and a second one with one, but shit symbols..still paid 70 bucks on 20p, not too shabby! Seems to basically be a pimped version of the pirate pays mechanic. Just a different feature. I;ll watch your vid with coffee after dinner @dunover :)

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