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Big Bass reskins must be a money maker for them! Why else make so many - it's getting tedious now.
I had crumbs left in one of the crypto casinos I frequent so decided to put a few spins through Secrets of the Golden Lake at 0.10 per spin. Ended up getting the bonus and picking the super bonus card on my very first (and only) bonus. It’s nice that the super bonus can be obtained from the base game.

Splash is awful, just come off there having done £300 in £1 spins with no feature.

Secrets of the Golden Lake seems even worse . I’ve tried that game since in came out .. done a few thousand, never had a bonus go above X2, top win in all that time is x50.

Never seen the Golden Lake feature.

Considering asking my casino what my RTP on this game is, I seriously think it will be in the 50-60% range, and over a large amount of cash and spins it's ridiculously bad. I'm pretty sure they'll just tell me it's working ok and they've been tested blah blah blah. But there must come a figure where it’s almost impossible for a game to underpay so much so consistently and for them to still be confident that it is playing ok.

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