why casino rewards refuse me?


Dormant account
Sep 5, 2004
I cannot loggon or play at casinos of these sucking groups.

a few days ago, made account for blackjackballroom casino and confirmed i can loggon.
but now it is blocked.

I did not played these casino rewards casino cause they all refuse me.
only did deposit and played at captaincooks casino before captaincooks joining casino rewards.
of course, now my captaincooks account was blocked.

I think its problem of casino rewards.
why they locking account without any reason?

here my chatting with very kindly chat host casino rewards.


Thank you for using Casino Support chat. Please wait for a Casino Support operator to respond. If your chat does not commence within 90 seconds please try back later. Thank you.
You are now chatting with 'Ela'
Ela: Welcome to Casino Support Live Chat service. How can I help you?
me: hello
me: you chat host for blackjack ball room casino?
me: my account is tbbr06351698. why my account was blocked ?
me: hello ?
Ela: Please can you confirm your email address?
me: XXXXXX its my email XXXXXXXXXX
me: I dont know why all casino rewards casino refuse me.
Ela: Our Risk Management department will have to respond to your query. Perhaps you can call our Risk Management team during business hours at the following times:
Ela: Sun to Fri 19:30 - 03:00 EST
Ela: Sun to Fri 23:30 - 07:00 GMT
Ela: Alternatively, you can send an email to riskmanagement@casinorewards.com
Ela: Thank you for chatting with Casino Support.
Ela: Goodbye
The chat session has been terminated by Casino Support.
Wow, you're right! She was kind. She even spared you from the formalities of having to say goodbye. Excellent, excellent staff. :thumbsup:
This group have proved time and time again how not to run a casino.

Rude support

Retroactive wager requirements being enforced

Dare to claim one of the many enticing bonuses that they prostitute out then your sure to be locked out.

They really do need to change thier name as casino rewards does not befit this establishment.


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