Where is Planet 7?


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Nov 7, 2017
I don't see this casino listed as rogue, grey zone, or accredited.

I play at this casino a lot. I like their bonuses. But I will admit, they are slow to pay and you have to stay on top of them. They could definitely be better.

With that said, I've received every payout from them that I've requested.

I'm looking for other good casinos to play at. I've grown weary of having to follow up with them to get a payout every time. I'm very interested in a review from CM on them. Wondering what others think?

I used the accredited list from CM and tried some others out. One has been great (Slotastic). Others ok. One has been terrible for me and I have submitted a PAB that is currently in process.
Ok, thanks. I will admit they have been slow to pay. But have paid. Tawni, the rep has been very helpful in that regard.

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