Software Correction RTG game design problem


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Nov 7, 2021
I’ve been a playing rtg slots at their casinos for over 10 years. I am familiar with each casinos bonus terms and conditions. Specifically the cap they place on maximum wagering while the bonus is active. They all have a cap of ten dollars and some cap it at five. It’s never been a problem for me as I’ve never intentionally wagered over ten dollars a spin regardless. If you play at these or any casino regularly, it’s rare that you get a “good run” going. I had my best run of good luck in all the years I’ve been playing when playing slots at uptown aces recently.
After I played through the bonus my available cashout was nearly 5000
dollars and I cashed out three. My winning streak continued and I had an additional 8000 in my account when uptown aces removed the monies entirely as well as my cashout. I was playing on my iPhone as usual and they advertise the ability to play on mobile devices. Here comes the problem. Take notice of the fact that rtg has been diabolical in their last several new games they rolled out. They moved the increase wager button directly above the spin button). On a small device it’s easy to accidentally hit the increase spin button with your thumb. Especially if you have fat thumbs like me. They also stop the ability to keep spinning if an item comes up that could possible trigger a bonus. So if you’re doing the mundane task of spinning over and over again, there are times you attempt to spin and it comes in unison with an item showing in the reels and it throws off your ability to trigger the next spin. Asguard deluxe and princess warriors are examples of this. Rtg just rolled out princess warriors and I had inadvertently made 3 spins at 20 dollars due to rtg’s poor designing of the game. This would have never happened had they not placed the increase bet button just above the spin button.
Of course this didn’t matter whatsoever to the finance department at uptown aces and they refuse to work with me for any payouts of this awesome run whatsoever. You can imagine I’ve been sick about this for weeks. 11 thousand dollars, the most I’ve ever won at at online or anywhere for that matter, gone in an instant. I found that there’s is a player dispute mediation service that’s suppose to be independent and filed a dispute but have not heard back in weeks

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