When do they decide you've won too much?


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Feb 25, 2004
East Coast, USA
After having a couple of just horrible months (down about 10G) and almost deciding I was going to have to stop, I have been having an incredible run for about two weeks. I have been playing at 2 Belle Rock Casinos - Riverbelle (where I have played since I started in the fall) and Lucky Nugget. Although I have not hit any huge jackpots, I have requested several thousand in withdrawals on only a few hundred invested.

I have followed my typical pattern of just hopping from game to game among the ones I enjoy (Thunderstruck, Spring Break, Belle Rock, Secret Admirer {NEW!}, and some video pokers), and I have been hitting all over the place. Today at Lucky Nugget on the Belle Rock slot I had it hit for three Belle Rocks three different times while on free spins! So as bad as my last few months have been, this month has been good. I max out at $9 per spin on most of these, so these wins are small by some standards ($300 - $600 on average), but they have added up incredibly.

My question is - when will they decide that I have won too much? I was a little concerned when a withdrawal of $4700 got held up a day or two while they "reviewed the account." It did pay, but I have continued to win. It is not like I have hit a big jackpot that they can use to hype the casino. I have full respect for the Belle Rock group, but I do wonder. Any thoughts?

I should also mention that I have also had a nice run this week at 7 Sultans ($3000 out on about $400 in)- and they also paid very quickly.
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I set goals, or cash out points. New week i am going to drop 2000 at a casino and my goal is to make 1000 in three days. Most of the time i hit my mark on the first day
As long as you are not using bonuses, any respectable online casino (and Belle Rock's group appears to be respectable) will not bar you for winning too much. Every bet placed at these casinos has a positive expectation for the house. Therefore, every bet placed, regardless of the persons past winning history, benefits the house. If you win $10,000 while 10 other people lose $1,100, the casino is happy.

If your wins are a result of taking advantage of bonus offers, most casinos will at some point shut you off from those offers.
I guess that even if you use bonuses to play slots no casino will ever ban you or anything.......if the casino slots hit too often, they either change their software or fire their technical dep staff (in case the software is "adjustable" :) )

If you hit a progressive JackPot in slots shared among several casinos, like that guy that won around 1,200,000 in MajorMillions sometime ago, i think the casino will even be happy, since its not them who pays you that, but the software provider (that one was Micro).

I guess they will even ask you to give them the right to post your full name, phone # and a picture of your happy face on their website and write below all that: First XXX Jackpot winner here, more chances to win here, play here.... :D

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