Whats with people chasing the wheel in holdem


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Jun 12, 2006
The wheel as many people know is a2345 which in omaha high low is the nuts for the low end of the pot and is a decent straight for the high end.

In holdem however it is just a straight. True it will often be the best hand but it is hardly worth chasing for to any great extent yet twice within the last two days i have faced opponents who have chased belly buster wheels grossly against the odds. In one case i had top pair and a low kicker so folded after 1 guy went all in (mid pair good kicker for 175% of the flop ) to get a called all in by someone with a bellybuster (one number out wheel) they actually caught and won

against me someone called half there chips against me with a belly buster - and we checked to the river after my bet on the flop - WHY?

I am not complaining but whilst i can see people chasing to royal flushes (sexy) chasing agaisnt odds to wheels seems crazy
Remember the screen name/ write a note

Seek them out

These are the people you want to be playing against!


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