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Whats the most annoying thing that can happen when you are playing slots?

Discussion in 'Slots Discussion' started by Alfran, Jun 24, 2016.

    Jun 24, 2016
  1. Alfran

    Alfran Experienced Member

    travel agent
    Ughhh! when you get 4 scatters on DOA and the 5th one bounces on the top reel but doesn't drop.
    Happened last night and ruined my mood!
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  2. Jun 24, 2016
  3. goatwack

    goatwack Brings The Ruckus To The Ladies CAG

    I could write ten pages of DOA annoyances. I myself had four scatters twice yesterday, not to mention numerous near- wildlines, many of them with several spins to go :mad:

    Nothing beats the continuum of two scatters on the first two reels, followed by a waving scatter on the last reel.....on the next spin :mad:

    But my personal favourite thing to do is lowering the bet and getting free spins on the next spin. It's uncanny. Doesn't quite happen as much the other way round.

    The worst thing I do is stay on a slot long after it's 'turned' in some misguided belief that the slot will come good. Not the slot's fault but it has buggered many a session.
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  4. Jun 24, 2016
  5. Jono777

    Jono777 Meister Member CAG mm4 mm1

    Self- Employeed
    Mixture here and also 'take me with a pinch of salt' time.

    * The Phone rings or door goes or a visitor arrives just as I start a session :mad:

    * People start talking to me, how rude, when slotting I'm a single, childless, bachelor, got it :p

    * The deposit goes in, I click 'Spin' and the first spin is a lengthy/laggy one :axeman2:

    * Anything that Goatwack has mentioned above :cool:

    * I get a ciggie that just does not want to extinguish no matter how hard I shove it into the ash tray and near take my finger prints off :mad:

    * I sit spinning away, only to notice that I had a rare successful session last time out and didn't adjust the bet size back (ok, granted a rare(ish) one :p)

    * The TV starts to play up just as it did the other day during the Hungary Vs Portugal match just as I get my multi-tasking nicely flowing.....

    * Even though I know the symbols are just eye candy, I cannot stop myself saying out loud 'That was there' when a scatter or wild which was showing, mysteriously vanishes when the final reels come to rest.

    I could go one forever lol...
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  6. Jun 24, 2016
  7. osulle

    osulle Ueber Meister CAG mm4 mm1

    Northern hemisphere
    One of the most annoying things to happen while playing slots is to be cut off in the middle of a bonus, this has happened to me several times.
    Waiting an age for a bonus to come in and then it pays crap. Getting 5 scatters on CFTBL and getting 10x bet out of it (still sore about that one!). Hitting max bet on accident and losing a lot of your bankroll. I could go on forever:p
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  8. Jun 25, 2016
  9. Jd666

    Jd666 RiffRaff CAG mm4

    Maggot Farmer
    Republic Of West Yorkshire
    A Slot in a good mood, kicks you off.
    Reload and it plays like a bag of shit.
    Yes im talking about you Gonzo this morning
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  10. Jun 25, 2016
  11. osulle

    osulle Ueber Meister CAG mm4 mm1

    Northern hemisphere
    I call that the kill switch. Every time I get kicked off a slot when it's hot for me it goes stone cold. Coincidence? I think not:D
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  12. Jun 25, 2016
  13. lockinlove

    lockinlove Staring into the sun PABaccred

    I work :D
    Every single time I was on a hot slot last night on gowild, I got disconnected and returned to a very cold slot. I never got disconnected anywhere else ever, checked my connection, was fine.

    I closed my account with them after too much of it.

    Zero chance this is a coincidence. Zero.
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  14. Jun 25, 2016
  15. MissRuthless

    MissRuthless Experienced Member

    Over Worked Under Paid

    I get that @ Guts and find it Very strange. Just too much of a so called "coincidence"
    When it happens I say to my partner who plays at Guts too, Look I got disconnected, whats the bet slots gone dead, yep spin after spin, dead dead dead, but prior oh it was looking so damn nice. Yep interesting.
  16. Jul 4, 2016
  17. timmy19733

    timmy19733 Experienced Member

    Shaft or Tony Montana jumping on my laptop messing things up :(
  18. Jul 4, 2016
  19. Daniel L

    Daniel L Experienced Member

    Full Time
    When you have been waiting for the bonus for what seems like an age & it's a supposedly high variance slot. You think to yourself come on this has to be good now, I've spent x amount & yep, x10 stake. :rolleyes:

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