Dormant account
Sep 9, 2001
time out to extend thanks to the opa, steve adkins, and all the volunteers who interviewed, wrote countless emails, read complaint after complaint and attempted to resolve issues in a fair and equitable manner. i find it appalling that people would demean the opa or steve ( the ONLY person who would finally take this ball and run with it) while he (they) are down. have few of you forgotten that the membership, reading opa posts, listening to opa shows was all a matter of choice? i am still amazed at the people that find something/someone offensive and havent got enough self-control to just click the 'off' switch. amazing what that says about a person(s). the opa committee was strictly volunteer, at least when i was a participant. i spent several hundred hours as did erin, steve, simpson, betty, and others trying to get it up and running to assist in protecting the honest players. show some respect and compassion....thats always a nice thing to do. seems relatively easy too
god bless you steve and your family!!!
thanks to all the opa volunteers not only for what they DID accomplish....but for what they TRIED to accomplish!
good day all