What we have learned from the Titan casino thread


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The Titan thread initiated by Spinner is now closed more so to the inability of the OP to present a decent argument other than anything else. Whilst we may never know whether it was Spinner or Paultitan that was correct with regard to the playthrough counter, I believe that there could be similar incidents in future. Since the counter is always available for checking anyway, the software should allow in the options settings a choice of having a small playthrough counter box displayed at a corner of the screen whilst the slots are being played. This should not pose a problem for the software provider and players cannot complain that they dont know when WRs are completed as they dont have to check it in the cashier every now and then. There have also been complaints about the counters now moving despite wagers on the right games or counting only a percentage of what they would towards playthrough. As such, I hope paultitan or any other RTG operator can take this comment to the software provider to avoid similar incidents.

I also noticed that Spinner's payout over 220K+ spins is 91.5%. I understand that each customer will not have the same payouts but unless it is claimed that this payout figure is actually close to the casino's average payout figure isnt this a bit too much on the low side. The 2 accredited RTGs on the main site have payouts of 95%-97% and hence the casino's edge for Titan is double that of the reported average payouts for the other 2 casinos in question. I know we cant really complain about payout percentages although we can voice our displeasure:D. If 91.5% is an average for the casino then that really isnt competitive is it?


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91.5% is not going to be across the board. Some players might get only 40% and someone else might get 200% RTP. The other thing you have to factor in is what are the random jackpots worth in the total payout equation? For the average Joe, what if the payouts were only 60% and only when the RJs were factored in did the casino have a 95% payout. That means for the bulk of players, they might feel like they are getting ripped off, unless they don't mind losing $500 for a shot at $6000. What about the reversed cashins, due to the casino not flushing and their weekly payout limits. How much do you think that helps the casino's hold? Always going to be lots of questions.


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I understand that 91.5% is not going to be accross the board. However, with such a high number of spins (>224K spins) it is expected that the % payout should be getting closer and closer to the average payout. Over so many spins, a 1% payout difference would be substantial let alone 4%.


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The portion of RTP represented by RJ is about 1.5% according to Dogboy.

So, a slot with a RJ attached will pay out 1.5% less in reel/bonus wins than one without a RJ.

224k spins is a big number, but the actual combinations possible on the slots would have to be known - it may be in the millions so the 224k might only represent a fraction of the 'cycle'. Of course, playing different slots complicates things even more. However, Chu is right in saying that player should be closer to the RTP than someone with half that number of spins.

Takethemoney is also right when they say that different players will experience different RTPs over the same number of spins......and here comes that variance thing again lol.

As I said, its not just the RTP that one should consider when choosing a slot - in fact, its not the most important at all.

Chu - hopefully some will learn about how to present an argument without sounding like a lunatic from that thread, but I wouldnt hold your breath.


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I have several hundred thousands of spins on a few MGs with an RTP of ~90%, very bad but probably within expected .So I would say that 91,5% without a RJ is very good.

With slots you would have to know the exact variance and HE. Otherwise you will never know if your results are fair. And of course you would need to flatbet.
Then if you had lets say 500k spins with an RTP of 85% on same game flatbetting you could check if your results are fair.

On low variance games like BJ, Roulette and Baccarat you dont need any big samples. If you have an awful session or a unnormal streak its easy to check.