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What was you worst BJ losing streak ever?

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by chucho, Jan 4, 2005.

    Jan 4, 2005
  1. chucho

    chucho Bonus Pimp

    I deposited tonight at Intercasino tonight, the standard $90 deposit for $90 free. I lost the 1st 11 hands, pushed, then lost two more before I won. I call that losing 13 in a row, you can call it 11 if you want. That is the worst run I have experienced personally at a "fair" casino. What is your worst losing streak, lost hands in a row playing BJ? It does not count if you don't play perfect basic strategy or play online on cheating software. For the record, I came back over my original deposit so I guess it could be said that they did not cheat, but I lost it all before meeting the WR so as I always say, if I lose online, it is because they cheated ;)
  2. Jan 4, 2005
  3. DrNo888

    DrNo888 Dormant account

    I dont remember how many hands specifically, but when I did SuperVegas, I went from $250 to 0 flat betting $1 or $2. I am sure there was at least one streak of 10 and 15 in there somewhere.
  4. Jan 4, 2005
  5. Clayman

    Clayman Dormant account

    Pennsylvania, USA
    At Inter, my longest "loss only" streak is 1 streak of 12. My longest streaks of "loss or tie" are 2 streaks of 12, 1 of 13, 2 of 14 and 1 of 15.

    At Micro, I've had 3 streaks of 13 losses in a row. My longest "loss or tie" streaks are 1 at 15, 1 at 16 and 1 at 17.

    Not wanting to ruin 2005 quite so soon, I think I will postpone my monthly Inter clobbering until later in the month :)
  6. Jan 4, 2005
  7. two_card

    two_card Dormant account

    Sands of the Caribbean BJ.

    At the end of the session - 2 pushes - then 22 losers in a row.
    Checked the playlog details.

    New record for me (Land base or online)

    Flat betting $5

    Posted at CM:
    BJ Streak at SandsOftheCaribbean
    12th November 2004, 04:37 PM

    The play logs are posted in that thread.
  8. Jan 4, 2005
  9. chucho

    chucho Bonus Pimp

    2005 is not over, as long as you you play an Intercasino and they turn the switch off! I have spoken with several of my friends this month who have played an intercasino and they all got beat down like a dog other than one who apprently got in early, New Years baby I guess? Hopefully Ryan will start a thread every month for us faithfull bonus pimps and let us know when the switch is off. Can anyone out there with a caculator tell me what the oddos of losing 13 hands in a row are in a "real" casino are?
  10. Jan 4, 2005
  11. paul1

    paul1 Dormant account

    Better luck next time, sir. :lolup:

    I'm sorry to laugh, DrNo888. It's just that THAT is so bad, if you don't laugh I guess there's nothing left to do but cry. That is REALLY running bad. If I were you, I would have thrown the mouse at the wall and possibly punched the monitor.

    Seriously, though. People should stop counting the bad luck runs. I try to put the bad beats out of my mind and ONLY brag about the GOOD beats that I put on the dealer or someone else in poker. I don't tell bad beat stories. I tell stories about the huge pot I take down, catching runner runner gutshots, having NO business in the hand to start with. Now THAT is worth remembering.

    Remember, the glass is half full, not half empty.

    I don't know how many hands of blackjack I have ever lost in a row. But I remember getting four Blackjacks in a row, then a pat 20, and then another Blackjack. And THAT was on Boss Media. woohoo! :D
  12. Jan 4, 2005
  13. Flavio4321

    Flavio4321 Dormant account

    my worst streak was at intercasino, I lost 14 hands in a row( i think there were some pushes), but I was doing it great in that session so after losing 14 hands I ended with the same amount I started.
  14. Jan 4, 2005
  15. Black21Jack

    Black21Jack Dormant account

    Courier driver
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Was this your first time playing there or are you a regular player? I have been told from a lot of people, and I have noticed myself sometimes that when you first sign up at a casino, and it is your first time playing there, you get a lot of winning hands but eventually hit a long losing streak. Has anyone noticed this? Especially at MG. I feel that MG BJ is fair but people tell me they experience this at MG casinos all the time.
  16. Jan 4, 2005
  17. bethug

    bethug Banned User - Winner of the "<a href="http://www.c

    I have had no problems with micro casinos as of late.

    Now intercasino iis another thing, I have lost 14 hands in row like 4 times and 12 times in a row 3 or more times. Sometime i like to see how far they will go.

    So my hold thing is now make the money and run :thumbsup:
  18. Jan 4, 2005
  19. Clayman

    Clayman Dormant account

    Pennsylvania, USA
    Not sure with the push included in there but without it it would be around .4789 to the 13th power. So 1 in 14000 or so.

    See what a "special" customer you are :D
  20. Jan 4, 2005
  21. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    Avenel, New Jersey
    Look at ALL the SINGLE wins!

    Look at 1 thru 44. I won only 12 hands. ALL singles, except for #4 and #5. In cases like this session it's very difficult to win with only $90 deposit and $90 bonus.

    Chuchu....the switch was on. :oops:

    You must register/login in order to see the link.
  22. Jan 4, 2005
  23. DealerBusts

    DealerBusts Dormant account

    My longest losing streak with ties was 18 at a crypto casino. My longest streak of just losses was 11 i think at an MG casino.

    Btw bethug, when did you you start spelling properly? Did i miss something?
  24. Jan 4, 2005
  25. mitch

    mitch Dormant account

    My longest losing streak was 17.

    However, here is the most freakish session of blackjack I ever played.

    Session Bets W P L

    3 - 13 11 - -
    45 - 61 - - 16 ( during an overall run of W1 P1 L 22 )
    83 - 89 7 - -
    90 - 98 - - 9
    115 - 127 - 1 12
    128 - 135 8 - -
    151 - 163 13 - -
    165 - 170 6 - -
    178 - 191 1 1 12
    219 - 228 1 1 8
    240 - 255 - 3 13
    260 - 276 2 1 14
    284 - 296 13 - -
    314 - 320 7 - -
    324 - 330 - - 7
    371 - 378 - - 8
    382 - 391 10 - -
    454 - 462 1 - 8
    469 - 483 - 1 14
    492 - 500 9 - -
    515 - 526 11 1 -
    537 - 544 8 - -
    572 - 582 - 2 9
    583 - 591 9 - -

    Is that freaky or what? Look how close these streaks, are a number actually connect!

    I did end up 20 units overall assuming flat bets.

    This session was at Crockfords so I have little doubt the software is fair but these streaks could make you believe in the 'dark side'

    Anybody encountered anything similar out there?

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2005
  26. Jan 4, 2005
  27. bethug

    bethug Banned User - Winner of the "<a href="http://www.c

    I use spell check now so the drill instructor want get me
  28. Jan 4, 2005
  29. Clayman

    Clayman Dormant account

    Pennsylvania, USA
    Hi John - couldn't help myself.

    If you had stuck with $2 bets you would have only lost $33 instead of $97. Overall, it's only one of those 1 in 8 kind of sessions.

    The main problem is you won 49% of your $2 and $3 bets (56 of 114) but only
    19% of your $4, $5 and $8 bets (9 of 47).

    Your net loss of $97 was comprised of winning $21 on the $2 and $3 bets but losing $118 on the higher bets.

    I thought you were supposed to win your big bets with this system :confused:

    That's OK - no power on earth can beat Inter if you ask me :)
  30. Jan 4, 2005
  31. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    Avenel, New Jersey
    Intercasino, IMO, is similar to Playtech. When they want to come to get you ... they come to get you.

    You noticed how I win the small bets and lose the larger ones?
    This is ONLY one reason why I believe that the software "sees" your bet and the larger it is the chances are that you will lose it.

    Also, IMO, flat betting doesn't work. I still would have lost ... not as much ... but, I still would have lost.

    I don't play "TRUE" Cipher, as I am supposed to, because I'm only playing with $180.00. And there are WR's to be met.
    Now, if I had $500, or so, in the account and I played as instructed, I would have made quite a bit of money.

    I just watch the trends and play the "switch backs".
    Again, as you can see, my bets are small. No $10 bets or $15 bets because with only $180 to play with that's a very large percentage to put on the table.

    Inter is a tough cookie to beat.
    I've done it and I will again.
    This was just a lousy session. :D
  32. Jan 4, 2005
  33. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of 1.6 - troll

    Casino apologist

    So why not deposit $500 - getting your bonus the same - and play "as instructed"? You'd have made a lot of money AND kept the extra $90. Yet you lost the lot by playing "wrong".

    Sorry, but it's the general inconsistencies in this stuff that raises my eyebrows. Not trying to cast aspersions, just stating the position as I see it.

    Can you give an example of a bet which you misplayed which you would have played differently if you'd been following instructions?

    EDIT: OK, just took a look. I can't see anything "systematic" in any of that. Sometimes you chase losses, other times you chase wins. Can you give an example of what you thought you were looking at in a given moment and why you reacted as you did?

    Putting you on the spot, I know.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2005
  34. Jan 4, 2005
  35. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    Avenel, New Jersey
    As I said, that was a lousy session.
    If I had $500 or so I would have quit early in the game and cut my losses.
    But, if I were to have continued:
    LINE 5: I would have wagered $12
    All things being equal, at line 46 I would have had $434. (assuming my math is correct)
    LINE 47: I would have wagered $76 X 3 = $228. The $76 is my net losses to that point. Winning the $228 + the $434 would give me $662.
    The next hand I would have wagered at least $25 which now takes me to $687.
    Next bet would have been $10 giving me a gross of $677 - $500 = $177 profit.

    Now TWO things ... Again, I most likely would have stopped playing early in the game ... and if I had continued to play, and won $177, I would have cashed it in and been happy that with such a terrible session that i made as much as I did.

    Hope my math is right. :oops:

    P.S. Cipher is the MASTER I was but a student. And I'm still learning. :D
  36. Jan 4, 2005
  37. caruso

    caruso Banned User - repetitive violations of 1.6 - troll

    Casino apologist
    What is there in the session to that point (four hands) to lead you to believe that $12 had a better than expected / average (whatever) chance of success?

    Given that the session to date contains but ONE two-hand winning run, why the almighty leap? Effectively, you're chasing losses?

    What I'm asking is specifics about WHY you would make these adjustments. You can say "if I won I would have XXX", but this doesn't justify any particular move at any particular moment without a reason. "Because I might win" is not a reason. I don't see any justifications in the above for what you might have done. I'm not trying to be a bastard, just trying to see where - if anywhere - you're coming from.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2005
  38. Jan 5, 2005
  39. arbster

    arbster Dormant account

    He was starting with a $500 bankroll.

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