Feedback what do they mean by flushing possible?


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Jun 4, 2012
I was reading the reviews and was curious that some online casinos are said to flush whatever that is ? anyone know?
Thanks in advance!:)
Flushing refers to taking your requested withdrawal out of pending and not allowing you to reverse it. A lot of players have a tendency to reverse withdrawals while waiting for them to be processed. Guilty as charged :)

Thanks for that answer I only ever cashed out once and I have been playing for many years but being from the U.S. casino's are limited , I also am guilty of that :p
Well I guess because I only play $.20 a spin it's harder to hit , that's my luck
Anyway thanks again !:)

I can remember CM using that phrase several times in the not so distant past. I don't think he has had to use it much in the last year or so. LOL!

Still brings a smile. :D
I wish I knew about the flushing, Only just found out what it ment, Im more than guilty, bingo sites are the worst I have reversed thousands in the last few months

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