What are your favorite PlayTech casinos? Why?

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Dormant account
Feb 4, 2006
My house
Slots.com has been the best by far...

I was highly impressed with this casino. I just opened an account with them not even a week ago, and have found every aspect of fairness, communication, promptness, and professionalism at this casino. Never before have I received a bonus (no-deposit btw), reached the maximum payout (according to their bonus terms), decided to reverse that and play some more and tripled that amount. Of course, I could still only do a max withdrawal according to the initial bonus terms, but usually, at least I have found with casinos- 1) most non deposit bonuses are just like playing for fun accounts, rarely do you ever end up cashing out on them without having deposited a dime, and 2) reverse withdrawals usually end up going downhill, not tripling!! I reached up to over $300 (big hit was on Gold Rally, wagering 1 credit of $2 per line (the minimum).. and this was all based on their complimentary bonus, my money had not yet even entered the scene. I was able to meet the minimum wagering requirements because it was a balance of wins/losses (the portrait of fair gaming).

When I had specific questions about my withdrawal and needed clarification on some of the terms and conditions, I exchanged a couple of emails with Sally Miller, the Customer Service Supervisor at the Mainstreet Group. She answered all of my questions with the utmost courtesy while being absolutely thorough on their terms, and even offered more encouraging information about their other available bonuses (fully cashable after meeting wagering requirements...since the welcome one was limited to a max of $100).
MOST IMPORTANTLY, promptness is key. I received email responses within the hour. She noted that my withdrawal will be in my bank account THIS upcoming Monday evening (only two days after all was confirmed, and those two days are weekend/Holiday days at that!) I sent Ms. Miller a highly and well-deserved email commending her on her professionalism, as well as the site itself (the online chat agents were very helpful and prompt as well), and my overall experience with Slots.com has got to be the best one by far compared to any other casino I have played at (and I mean not just Playtech, but online casinos PERIOD!) I will definitely be a loyal and returning customer.

This may have seemed elaborate, but after having bad or even sub-par experiences with SO MANY other casinos/operators, you REALLY APPRECIATE and recognize the good ones! :notworthy :cheers: