Well I'm retiring from online casinos.


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Mar 15, 2003
Tonight just did it for me. I lost playing texas holdem poker, $526 pot. I was dealt A-10 diamonds. Flop comes out K clubs J, Q diamonds I have a straight and possibly diamond flush. Next card 6 clubs river card J of Spades. The other person has pocket JJ and wins with 4 jacks. The very next hand. I was dealt Ace clubs and 5 diamonds. The Flop comes 2-3-4 diamonds again I have a straight. The other guy goes all-in. $320 pot he has Ace, 4 no diamonds. The next card comes King of spades. River card is ace of Spades. He makes full House off river. This is at Party Poker. I am pissed and closed my account. Next I try a Playtech casino Swiss Casino and get their high roller bonus. I play BlackJack Switch and dealer makes 5 straight 21s. Now Im boiling mad. I goto pai gow poker and bet my last $200 on 3 different hands. $50 first time and $75 & $75 I lost them all. I have called Neteller and closed my account. I have written to firepay and closed my account. I have called and had all my credit card accounts closed. And Tomorrow I will go clean out my banking account. Nothing but straight cash for me for now on. No check writing, no credit cards. I will save up a thousand dollar a month and drive 5 hrs to the real casinos. This online gambling has gone down hill. Good Luck to all who wish to ride out the tide. But for me it off to fight this NWO.
Been there, done that Murder! But I came back. I also have a long drive to the real McCoy, and after a few long drives home as a loser... you,ll prolly decide that you could have stayed home and lost alot easier. PS&lt;, if you did this out of haste...and claimed to Firepay that you had a gambling problem and wanted the account closed....it,s closed forever! So, I hope you were positive it,s what you wanted. Tim

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