"We are sorry to inform you, that your country has been blacklisted."

Should I be offended or honoured for belonging to the blacklist?

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Feb 21, 2006
Why on earth would Norway be blacklisted ? What have Norway done wrong to Nano Casino ?

I know that several other casinos have had their problems complying to norwegian legislation and one after the other of the payment options have also closed down their support of norwegian customers so obviously norwegian legislation have something to do with it. But I was under the impression that norwegian customers were really "hot" and extremely valuable for any casino as we are considered to rich in norway compared to many other countries. This is why I was a little surprised when I clicked on a bannerad for Nano Casino which had a modal window popping up with the message...

"We are sorry to inform you, that your country has been blacklisted."

As a software developer myself I know there are many points of view on things, depending on what role you represent especially is this applicable for software. If the reasoning for not accepting norwegian players are the same for Nano Casino which it is for the other casinos, I say it's a fair chance that it has to do with norwegian tax legislation of some sort. I have looked in newspapers and searched for what it could be, but Im guessing norwegian law demands insight to any norwegian players to make sure they are not hiding away millions not paying their taxes or something like that. This means the casino would have to make exceptions to norway and deliver sa report, disclose information regarding the norwegian players to norwegian representatives or so. Whatever the reason, they either do not comply with what is required to handle norwegian players - or they are not willing to disclose what is asked for if they want to handle nowregian players.

Atleast this was the case for Skrill, Entropay and Paysafe which werre the "kings" of payment regarding casino... As new legislation was rolled out in norway theese giants went from the leader to suddenly closing down the norwegian support stating they no longer were interested. However, Entropay was quite clear it was the new legislation that they didnt comply with. On the other hand we have casino monopoly in norway so only the state can have a casino, so for all I know it is impossible for any casino to comply meaning any operator would be illegal.

Then again... comeon.com and betsson.com obviously are placing ads in norwegian TV together with norwegian sport heroes that are sponsored who day in and day out wants you to play their casino so if noone were allowed then surely theese would be denied aswell.

So there is my reasoning, if someone here knows the exact rules or regislation please tell me I would love to know. But back to this "blacklisting" and perseption percieved from a software standpoint.

I can see that from the casino software side of things, namely Nano Casino, I understand the need to atleast disable Norway. Surely it would sound better to not enable norway, depending on what the default setting is regarding player registrations. But from not enabling or disabling a country to the extreme alternative and actively blocking - even worse - added to a special list of bad ones that should be avoided by all circumstances .... blacklisted!

I would hope that the casino software had atleast another opinion for what a player was or is - as this language certainly explains what we are... I am a player you see... easy money! That is, as a norwegian player we are not. We are hard money as you need to comply and you need to earn the privilege to earn our money.

Honestly I do not know where I am going with this, as I do not really know if I am offended or honoured by this statment from Nano Casino.

Any thoughts ? :D
They proberly got fined or something for offering casino functionality in your country without having a proper license. A license from curacao or malta for that matter is'nt a license in a seperate country or jurisdiction.

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