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Dec 20, 2016

I was recently playing at Volt Casino. My goal was to have a bit of fun and stop when I reached the 400$(starting balance 383$). So at a point I was at 368$ but played on. Now that there is my own decision I know, but my account had so many late added winnings that I was well over that amount what I had in mind.

Even 2 hours later there were still amounts added to my account wich I didn't know it was a misconducted game(Like when I won a bonus but it didn't show up on my screen?).

Some consider this no complaint at all but in my view it's very confusing that funds between 3-32$ are added in a time range of 2 hours giving the player a wrong balance information.
Also sometimes the page turns blank ?!
It gave me a not so pleasant feeling cause I didn't know what was up.
Support told me that it was normal. I never encountered this amount of late added winnings.

Anyone else experiences this ad online casino's?

Gr Skephan
Another total of 80$ late added. So my balance was a total of 200+ higher than indicated on screen. Very disrupting and annoying !
Well still they keep adding a 30 here and there. Has anyone else malfunctions with slots from netent and quick today. Also Live casino?
Is this a balance update in the game itself, or in the casino’s overlay?

I’ve seen quite a few where the overlay and game are out of sync with each other. The game should be right. If not, something bad is happening.
Hi guys, I'm already in contact with the rep. For example it occured that I played a bj hand and won. It shows on screen you win ... $, but my history says zero. Then 4-5 hours later the win shows up in my balance. This happened with a accumulative amount of over 170$ with mutiple bets. Same example occured with slots. I had almost the double balance wich I never knew about cause small slot bets arent so noticible.

Anyways I ll see what happens
Weird, the only slots I ever have a hiccup with are ELK studios, I am sure others have noticed it, as soon as the bonus finishes it never updates your balance until 1 2 or sometimes 3 spins after, nothing like a few hours.
Well anyways. It's superb that the rep contacted me. Really good service from VOLT Casino. It was maybe a bad day with the errors. I will leave it for what it was.
I really like playing at this casino and the support is very helpfull.

Greetz Skephan

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