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Jul 3, 2002
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Wow, is that confussing. You do no deposit the same way as
regular rtg. It was so confussing, I gave up,lol.

It says you deposit into one account and have to transfer to another account
, and then if you want the sign up bonus your directed to another place yet,lol

I didnt want to put my money in the wrong place, so I just passed. They need
to make it easier.


What a mess. I should have listened to myself. I funded the account, then transfered it like it said. I followed the instructions and copied the acount number it gave me and emailed it for my sign up bonus. Well , I get an email that I got my 20 percent match bonus, not the 100. I called them up, they said I needed to request the bonus before I played, well, I DID. Then they changed it and said well,.. you have to wait until its credited the next day without playing the orginal deposit. (not in the terms and conditions)
Now they are saying , well if you deposit again well match that one!
I want my match bonus on the first deposit. Why would I deposit more after all these problems? As much money as I play at these places I dont need this.
This is not sounding good for them. I am pretty upset. I dont know if You can figure this out with them Bryan?


PS: they even removed the 20 percent bonus....

Here is the instructions on the site: Email with your request for the applicable bonus (New Deposit, 2nd Deposit or Reload); please include your account ID and the amount of your deposit.
Bonuses must be claimed within 48 hours of the qualifying deposit transaction.
The bonus will be added to your account promptly.
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1st off, VIP Casino is a different site- Crypto.

"VIP Casinos" seems to have this problem, as the same happened

to me a few weeks ago. Keep at them and they will

probably sort it out. Four emails explaining this is your first ever

deposit should do it.
They now have the rtg one though. Its only been there for two weeks.

They would do nothing to help me on the phone. Ive sent them a few emails.

They said the best they would do is give me a 100 percent match on

on another deposit. Not good enough in my opinion.

There are two VIPs is a Partnerlogic casino powered by Wagerlogic (Crypto) is a new RTG casino that's run by VIPsports. They've just relaunched from IGW software to RTG and the deposting method has been running into some glitches. Some of this had to due to some of the servers being in Florida and there were power outages which messed some things up.

I've PMd the casino rep. He should be able to take care of this:

Sorry for the hassle.
Hi Ama,

First of all I would like to thank you for your feedback. This is a new product for us and we are doing our utmost to make it as user friendly as possible. Unfortunately, it isn't a common wallet for us and it requires players to log into to the VIPcasinos page prior to making a deposit. Let me give you the complete set of instructions.

1. Log into the VIPCasinos Game Client
2. Click on Cashier (located at the top of the game client)
3. Make a deposit (Please note if you have an existing balance you will not be required to make a deposit)
a. We are in the process of adding players balances to this page
4. Purchase Chips
a. The maximum amount of chips that you can purchase will be indicated in parenthesis
5. To make a withdrawal follow the same process but cash out chips
a. Than select withdrawal found at the top of the page in the My Account circle

We are also aware of the bonus situation and we are in the process of creating an API that will allow a player to redeem their bonus on the cashier page. In the meantime unfortunately this is a manual process on our end. I have credited your account with the 100% Match play. Please let me know if you would like me to enroll you in our AUTOMATED 30% reload club.

VIPcasinos is dedicated to providing our clients with the best online casino experience. As part of that I welcome all comments and feedback regarding to VIPcasions.

Thank you,

John Olsen,

VIPcasinos Manager

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