Resolved Videoslots non payment of January 2021 commission

So having asked why a copy of my bank statement is required in order to pay me the affiliate commission, this was the response:

"I need to confirm your bank details, this is something that has been requested by our bank for security reasons. In order to do so a bank statement confirming your bank account and details is needed. Hope you understand that we need to follow procedures, as an example of a reason why our bank requires this could simply the fact that affiliates may get hacked, payments details changed and then commission paid on a different bank account which owned by a different person, to avoid this or any similar situation we request confirmation of details"

So it is their bank requesting it (really!!??) because a hacker somehow managed to hack their system and changed my bank account details?

Make of this whatever you will, but I will not be submitting any bank statements and will attempt to pursue this further.
Still getting nowhere with this. They are saying that the hacking of my account was just an example and are insisting their bank is requesting this.

We're talking about an affiliate payment of just over £100 here so I very much doubt that their bank is so insistent in getting proof of my bank account.

I have therefore asked Videoslots for proof that their bank is requesting proof of ownership of my bank account.

@Team.Videoslots - can you not see how badly this looks?
So they are not providing the request from their bank, now saying that I changed the payment details in the affiliate account.

Haven't done such a thing and the payment details are correct and are the same since the account was set up all of those years ago.

This is getting a little ridiculous now!
And we now have radio silence following another request by me that he monies owed are transferred into my bank account.

@Team.Videoslots - considering that you are a representative of this casino, I would appreciate if you could assist me with this
Hello @interlog

Please follow the instructions sent by our affiliate team.

We have been in contact with them and they said they have informed what is needed to proceed with the payment. There is nothing further we can do.

If there is anything unclear in the instructions, please contact them directly.

Kind regards,
Team Videoslots
Well that looks like the monies owed will remain owing to me.

Very disappointing I have to say.

@maxd - Can I put a PAB in for affiliate payment issues?
Thanks Max - I have now submitted a PAB

[maxd says: this PAB was successfully resolved, apologies for not posting an appropriate follow-up to say so.]
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Unfortunately this is (an excerpt from) the response we got:
The terms of our affiliate program has always had a clause which explains, that there may be modification to the affiliate agreement.

If the Affiliate is no longer in agreement with the affiliate program agreement, then the Affiliate is able to leave the program, which the affiliate program agreement also outlines.


That boils down to "talk to the hand" and a PAB with nowhere to go. As such I'm releasing Nate from the restrictions regarding forum posts on an active PAB issue.
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Unfortunately this is (an excerpt from) the response we got:

That boils down to "talk to the hand" and a PAB with nowhere to go. As such I'm releasing Nate from the restrictions regarding forum posts on an active PAB issue.

Thanks @maxd

So to sum this up:

Videoslots inserts a rogue clause to enable them to hold money that does not belong to them. They then refer you to another rogue clause that says if you don't like the previous rogue clause, you can leave the program.

Lets not forget - I joined this program in 2014. They did not have a 'Refer us 6 New Depositors or we hold your money' clause. This was inserted at a later date.

Further to this - One of the main reasons many affiliates stopped promoting them is because they skimmed our earnings, told us that the program was being revamped and gave us something like 3.75% of earnings, when the deal was 25 - 40%.

If you joined the program 2014, before the new rules, its still (always) the old rules that applies.

So basically Videoslots aff program = rogue behavior. :eek::mad:

Quite correct. Many programs retroactively change their terms to benefit themselves. They continuously refer to terms and make them up as they go along - to suit their own agendas.

They sell you a falsehood to gain as many affiliates as possible. You market them, waste time and money... and send players to them.

Then they decide that the previous rules don't apply anymore and make up new ones.

Imagine if you sign up on any other business venture. Your partners then decide that 40% is actually 4% and that they pay you if and when they deem fit.

None of this shit flies in the real world. Yet in the affiliate world, casinos are free to hold funds and steal from their partners without consequences.

This is why the regulatory bodies are massive jokes. Their licensees are thieving in broad daylight and will continue to do so until someone actually stops them.
Bumping this thread and will continue to do so every once in a while to keep it in the public eye. This is until such time that Videoslots does the right thing and pays their affiliates what they are owed.

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Still No response and no payment for the last 6 months...
Same with many entities - while you are useful and helping grow the business, you are treated well. Further on in time, a bean-counter decides ways to cut expenditure of said grown business and then breaks the agreement arbitrarily and tells you to fuck-off if you don't like it. Kind of like a rogue employer making you redundant and not paying you the lawful severance. It was a terrible programme anyway with every possible deduction, skim and shave executed - equivalent to a minimum-wage employee paying the top rate of tax.
And here we go again..... payment declined again!

Followed the instructions on the email to contact the support via email.

Duly done.

No response received at all.

Good customer service? Not in my opinion

@Team.Videoslots - can you please look into and rectify

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