Have they now stopped UK players playing the microgaming slots ,

I know other sites had previously but i had been playing microgaming here for months up until yesterday and now get the usuall error message when loading up the slots that i have at all the other casinos where microgaming is banned ,

Be nice if any rep or other uk based players could let me know if this is the case,


General Manager for Videoslots
Hi davos11,

UK players are still allowed to play Microgaming games on Videoslots. There is a technical issue that we are working on and you should be able to play the games shortly.

Thanks for the feedback.

// Philip


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ya i havent been able to load any microgames since yesterday i hope its get fixed cause i only play 2 games and there both microgaming

still not loading as of today 27th 8.30pm :(


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Microgaming games still not loading. Or at least they are back off again. Disappointing :/


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Change Country

About 3 Months of Documents, Chats, Emails
Videoslots are incapable a country change to verified.
no chance for a Account with right Account Information.
unprofessionell peoples in this casino.:(


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Philip please check your PM's, there are two from me, which need a response from you on.



General Manager for Videoslots
Hi everyone,

Regarding the Micromgaming games I will have more info shortly and I will let you guys know as soon as possible. I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

Petrer10, can you please PM me so we can solve your problem.

Webzcas, I just replied to your PM.

Thanks guys,

// Philip


General Manager for Videoslots
Hi guys,

We have now solved the problem and you can play all Microgaming games on Videoslots from the UK now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

// Philip


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I still cannot play??

This has been ongoing for a good while now. I deposit quite a lot there and when you said it was fixed i deposited £50 though and behold they weren't....not happy!


Hello Philip.

I've sent you a message last friday with no reply, then another message yesterday regarding the first one. Still no reply.
Please come back to me when you can.



General Manager for Videoslots
Hi smokeeye,

I just replied to your PM, should there be anything else just PM me back :)

// Philip