Very Strange indeed


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Mar 25, 2006
OK so I signed up for the $5 no deposit bonus at Ruby Bingo and here were my findings.
I played all my money on the 1 cent black out games and kept re-buying when ever I won. Now I won no fewer than 7 times on that $5. Mysteriously, as soon as I hit the rollover I didn't win a thing to save my life.
So out of curiousity I deposited $20 and got the $22 deposit bonus and thus far haven't hit a single win. Thats ALOT of bingo cards. I'm into my bonus money in no time flat and don't expect I will see a win.
Something is definately fishy about this I think. I'll keep you posted.
good bingo

I play this bingo everyday.Not thur ruby.There are many different sites that all connect.I think like 12 to 14 different login sites.This is the best bingo on the net.with good chat bonuses.also they have many contests to were you win alot of BBs (bonus bucks).I didn't know they was a play thur on the free money.I do now when you make a deposit you have to release your bonus money.That is the only time you have to do this.any chat or contest wins are automatically playable.I can't say much about ruby,cause i play thur another site(have accts. at all of them).I like kiwi,miss,prestige the best.It seems to me at times that they are fishy,but that is only when i'm have won a jp and done many cashouts.if you love bingo like me this is the place to play.maybe try one of there connecting sites.I'm not sure how all it works with them all connecting,yet different names you log in is some of the connecting sites names.

miss bingo,kiwi bingo, tiki bingo,you bingo,fantasy bingo,prestige bingo,mapua bingo,ruby bingo,bingo777,broadway bingo,festive bingo,,onlybingo(don't recommend,onlybingo)palace bingo.and some i can't remember.

alot of them offer a free signup money to try them out.I hear in chat how some of them can't win.well we can't win them all,sure would be nice.but i'm convinced that your bonus money had nothing to do with you not winning after it was gone.
they have a weekly contest to recieve 10bb's just for the right answer.If you read there newsletter from ruby's can read it on there site.send the correct answer to carol and she will credit your acct. with 10bbs.once a week you do this.It's called: Who am i? she gives 5 clues.they are always very maybe give them another try.and your deposit doesn't have to be with in the last couple weeks.and to keep yourself going open chat and play there games.there is a schulde in the bingo site.some are not that good.
sorry this is so long,but this is the best bingo.
I went to the chat a bunch of times and there was never anyone in there. hmm.
Also I cashed out my last $5 about a week ago and still haven't seen it :(

the only room thet does not have chat is the penny room.all other 3 rooms always has a cm ,unless they got kicked,but than they be right back.

you can play the weekly contest, who am i? go to ruby's website,click members,than newsletter.scroll down until you see who am i? answer the question mail it to carol all details on site.every week if correct she credits you with 10bbs (bonus bucks)and they are playable and you can cashout on them if you win.
good luck, if you decide to try it again.i was just trying to help you,get the most out of your money.

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