Question Very flawed Online craps


Dormant account
Hi all.
I;m new here. Maybe this issue has already been addressed, BUT.
I've been playon craps for about 40 years, very successfully.
Yesterday I got the itch and signed up for an online casino.
They had a horrible crap game, so I went to another. Same basic software with a slightly different layout.
Do they all use the same craps engine?
So I played with play money.
I was shocked to discover that the software either has no clue how the "don't" side works, or it's cheating.
Here's the scenario:
Make a "don't pass" bet.
roll a 12 craps which is a push. The bet disappears. I GUESS they put it back in my rack.
Roll a 2 or 3 The bet is paid but disappears so you have to re-make it.
Point established. Lay odds.
Make a don't come bet.It shows up in the don't pass box, not the don't come. Balloon box over it shows the same amount as the original don't pass bet.
Don't come number established. the bet stays in the don't pass box. Now I must remember what number was established.
Lay odds against the new number.
Now try to Make a second don't come bet. The program won't take it.
Now here's the REALLY fun part.
Roll the dice until the shooter's point is made.
ALL of my "don't line bets come off the table. Lay bets stay up.
This is ridiculous.
Has anyone else experienced this?
I contacted the casino and got back a lot of advice on how to play craps, but no real acknowledgement of the bugs.