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Feb 17, 2010
napa, ca
I posted a bit about this with my other post about not being able to get my money from Aladdins Gold Casino...
Is anyone else having problems depositing with quicktender?? I am in the USA..I have made several deposits with no problems. The last 4 times, my bank denied the transaction. They said the country was blocked. I contacted quicktender and they said they are located in the UK, which is not blocked. I contacted my bank. They said the first 7 transactions I did with quicktender did show the UK and so those were approved, but the latest ones have shown United Arab as the country, so it is declined. I have tried so many times and it keeps getting declined. I have written to quicktender, waiting for a solution. Not sure why it was showing the UK, now United Arab..I realize they are located in London,UK, but use different merchant processors..So,I guess I will not be making anymore casino deposits....


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Feb 22, 2005
sorry i dont know anything about this situation as i have not had a QT dep in8 months. i would like to know if its just you haveing the problem or should we all need to pay attention.


Oct 26, 2008
united arab republic :rolleyes: and they wont let you do biz there aren't we fighting a war to protect there arses [i had a go around with my cc company because they said i was doing biz in the middle east :eek:

i said were in the middle east they said dubai :eek: i said thats on the edge of the middle east and a friendly country to the usa and dont you remember our president fighting with congress to get them the job of protecting our ports he thinks there just dandy

so tell me in a letter that i cant use your card in dubai and ill stop

she said she couldent and reinstated the card , this was a cc investagation launched at me :notworthy


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Jan 13, 2006
Quicktender deposits often go through Dubai

Not sure what bank you are using. When my Quicktender deposits are denied I phone my bank security department and ask why I have have several purchases denied by the merchant(I use debit, not credit)

Normally they ask me routine questions and mention Dubai and I reply that I have no idea why the merchant is processing through Dubai but that I am purchasing from a Merchant that appears to be in the u.s..

It is normal for some international companies to process transactions through an out of country process. The explanation normally suffices and transactions go through, atleast for awhile.