Update Jumers Rock Island, Illinois


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So apparently, Jumers got bought out by a new company. Delaware North, man I tell you. Going from a family owned casino to a casino owned by a corporation. I am sooo seeing major differences already in slot play, amount of machines available, and variety.
For 1 instance, they seem to be taking out more slots machines than putting them back in. I can so far state that they've taken out 20 machines and as far I can see. They don't seem to have any intention on putting them back either. I'm not sure if there trying to save on electricity, decided they could operate on less slots, or really are honestly going to replace them in the future and just haven't, but this brings me to my next point.
The ones that do exist don't seem to pay out as much anymore. I used to go in once out of every 3 visits and at least get 3 to 4 hours of play time on $100. Maybe even win something. Now it seems I bust out in I kid you not less than 30 minutes. Really almost makes going back to online gambling much more alluring over driving 3 hours and spending $50 in gas. To not get much play time at all.
Then as for the variety comment, I'm going to take a wild crack. That they must have some tight contracts with IGT. For they seem to be taking out alot of the WMS machines and replacing them with IGT machines. Now to me this is a slap in the face, because man I love WMS machines. I can get loads of fun play time out of these machines.
Then I suppose while I"m on a rant, the comps are still good. Like I still can get a buffet, cash back $100 spent = $1 cash back, eat at the steak house and what not, but the come back offers really are starting to take the cake. I used to get $25 every week, now they've cut me back to $10. Now instead of getting a free room every night of the week, I'm limited to Sunday thru Thursday.
I guess a casino being taken from a family owned atmosphere to a corporate atmosphere. Really sucks, and I want my family ran casino back.
Oh well, I suppose it's getting to be about that time to find a new place to burn my dollar at.