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Jan 16, 2002
I've mislaid my photo ID - it's probably lying at the bottom of a suitcase somewhere, but I've yet to locate it.

I needed a copy of said ID to get a withdrawal authorized, and was in a dilemma - I lost all my data in a disc crash a while back, including a copy of that particular document.

Applying some lateral thinking to the problem, I contacted iNetbet and said "could you send me the copy of the photo ID I sent you three years ago, please?".

Which they did. Alan forwarded it to me within minutes.

This may be the first time ever that a customer has asked an online casino for a copy of his own private documents. LOL.

I thought a public note of thanks was in order. Thanks, iNetbet.
caruso said:
I've mislaid my photo ID...

Just made me think when my wife did the same on the morning we had to cross an international border. It was only Canada but still... I just told her if they wouldn't let her into the country, I'd pick her up on Monday on the US side.

Anyway I was going to tell you, and thanks for reminding me btw, go get one of those external hard drives and back up your computer hard drive to it.

Just don't ask me the last time I did it. :)
I have a huge amount of stuff and use 2 hard disks.

This is only for the computer competent btw, i.e. the non-Russos :)

(If your backup drive is brand new it may need Link Removed (invalid URL).
follow the instructions carefully :D A single FAT32 partition with Large Disk Support is the usual setup
Its safer to unplug the original drive and partition the new drive on IDE 1 via the startup disk)
You can skip partitioning if the disk has been used before. :thumbsup:

This works for windows ME

create a boot disk.
start/settings/control panel/add remove programs/startup disk

Get your 2nd hard disk(preferably the same as your original)

set it at master(not slave).

fit it in to your tower

unplug the IDE2 cable from the dvd or cd rom and plug it in to the new fitted hard disk.

When you reboot in windows you get a c(old) drive and a d(new) drive.

format your new d drive.

copy everything except the WINDOWS folder from c to d (takes a while)
create a WINDOWS folder in d drive
copy all the files in c drive WINDOWS to d drive WINDOWS except for the win386.swp file.

shut down.

remove the IDE2 cable from your new drive.
move IDE1 cable from the old to the new drive.(making it the primary drive)

boot up using the startup floppy and select
'without cd rom support'
at the a: prompt type sys c:

you will get 'system transferred'

reboot to windows to check your backup drive is like your original.
You now have a perfect copy, and all your registered (and unregistered) programs will work.
Its also useful for upgrading your hard drive, since you lose no data etc.

replace the cables for your original drive and dvd/cd rom.
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buffcanada said:
:cool: she would have been happier

I used to live right on the canadian border and dated several canadians...but the food is definitely different up there....
The area is much cleaner but the food isn't good. I couldnt live in Canada...and thats why I didnt marry my ex...after much thinking about it...

Our dollar was much stronger then too.....so maybe I should have! LOL

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