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Nov 3, 2020
Hello. I hope here they can help me get my money back or tell me where to go.

On October 15, 2020, 4 days after the completion and settlement of the event on sports bet 1101698527, an unjustified refund was made. I regard this as stealing my money.
I hope somebody can help me get my money back or tell me where I should contact.

More details:
the sports bet was as follows:
12/10/2020 02:30 Los Angeles Lakers - Miami Heat
Alex Caruso (Los Angeles Lakers) Assists - Over (2.5) odds 2.5

I asked for an explanation of the return and was given this answer:

"Dear Igor

Thank you for your email.

We are sorry for the caused inconveniences.
As you have been informed your bet 1101698527 has been returned as there were incorrect odds offered for the match.
You can follow the link for the website's T&C:

www . vbet . com/general-terms-and-conditions

and see the paragraph 9.1 The Company is not responsible for errors in typing, transfer or counting of bets. In particular, Vbet reserves the right to correct obvious errors made while entering information on betting coefficients and/or calculation of the amounts at the bets (for example, errors in the coefficients indicated in teams incorrectly, incorrectly indicated events, etc.), or declare invalid the corresponding bets even after completion of the event. In the cases of correcting obvious errors bets are returned.

I am sorry, but in this case everything has been done by the website's T&C and nothing else can be done in this matter.
Thank you for your understanding.


This is a lie and there was no mistake in this sports bet. The line was the same as in other bookmakers. The nba final is a huge event and is featured in many bookmakers. If you know how, then you can look at any bookmaker's office what the odds were on this sports bet and you will be convinced that I am telling the truth.
I will also add that they copy the line for the players' totals in bet365 like many other bookmakers. And bet365, as well as other bookmakers that copied this line, calculated this sports bet as a win.
I have screenshots of the return of the bet on sports and the history of correspondence with the betting and am ready to provide them.

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