Unibet Withdrawal - Denying my verification submissions


May 4, 2024
Hey guys, I'm having a really difficult time withdrawing from my winnings from Unibet even after providing them with all the necessary documents. I have a lot of money stuck on Unibet that I have won fairly through betting and I am unable to verify the account. I attempted to use the resolver and that did not work since I don't reside in UK, and it is not for international accounts.

I have provided Unibet with all the things they have asked for - Cable TV Utility Bill which they said that it has to be received by mail, so I asked the company if they can send me the invoice through post which they did and Unibet told me that I have printed it out, which I did not therefore not accepted. Later on I submitted them phone bill which they also did not accept. Lastly I have showed them a bank account statement with the address as the thing they keep declinig has been proof of address. They declined it once again and now they are asking me for some bullshit like Police correspondence or government correspondence, like what the fuck. I'm tired of this. I reside in Latvia and this is getting infuriating. I don't know what I can do anymore. Please help!
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