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Aug 15, 2023
Hi Guys,

Im looking for advice although I know I will indeed get a lot of criticism.

So basically on two different occoasions I won a substantial amount and decided to withdraw the majority of it the amounts were £1,200 and £2,000.

On the first occasion I got an email that told me that my deposit had failed and they put the deposit amount back in my playable balance.

Needless to say when I got down to the 1,200 I carried on in an effort to recover the losses that brought me to 1,200.

I felt sick afterwards for been so stupid but I couldn't stop. (addiction I know)

Well guess what.... Exactly - The same thing again. attempted to withdraw, cancelled and lost it all.

Since then I lodged over £1,000 in total again to try and get back the £2,000.

So here we are I know I gambled it, I know I shouldn't have but this should not be allowed to happen.

When I made a successful withdrawal from unibet they initially put the withdrawal on hold - this was to request photos of my bank card etc KYC stuff.

So it is possible for them to hold the funds - but they choose not to. im certain im not the only person who has been found in this position, how many withdrawals do they cancel on a daily basis I wonder.

From the UKGC site;
"Ban on reverse withdrawals. Consumers must not be given the option to cancel their withdrawal request. Once a customer has made a request to withdraw funds, they should not be given the option to deposit using these funds. This requirement was introduced amongst a number of additional measures required by the Commission to counter the potential impact of the pandemic in May 2020 and now becomes permanent."

I have already complained to unibet and they have just restricted my account and told me to go to ecogra for ADR.

What is everyone else's views on this? Waste of time bothering with them?

Also I feel bad enough about this so if you feel like you just want to comment too say too my fault or that I should've known better please dont.

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Unibet is reviewed at Casinomeister. It is an CM Accredited, vetted, and highly recommend casino listed at our site.

I've worked with Unibet on player complaints a fair few times and I can tell you that they are generally pretty by-the-book people. My guess is that there is more going on here than we see in your description, maybe something you are aware of, maybe not. In any case I'd say do as they suggest: go to eCOGRA for ADR.

I say that because if that's what they're telling you at this stage then they believe that the official ADR route is their preferred path forward. They aren't likely to change their minds on this. JMO.

Max Drayman
Player Arbitration (PAB) Manager, Casinomeister.com
I recently had the unfortunate experience of dabbling in the virtual world of UNIBET, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of a digital disaster. From the get-go, I should have taken the ominous sign of their flashy homepage as a warning, but I ventured forth, hoping for a glimmer of excitement and maybe a little luck. Little did I know, I was about to embark on a rollercoaster of disappointment and frustration.

Firstly, the registration process was more convoluted than deciphering ancient hieroglyphs. Endless forms, unnecessary personal information requests, and a labyrinthine maze of terms and conditions that would make a lawyer's head spin. I felt like I needed a law degree just to understand what I was getting myself into.

Once I finally navigated through the registration maze, I eagerly made my first deposit, only to be greeted with a lackluster selection of games that felt like they were plucked straight from the dark ages of online gaming. The graphics were reminiscent of a forgotten '90s video game console, and the gameplay was as thrilling as watching paint dry.

But the real kicker was the customer service—or lack thereof. Attempting to contact their so-called "support" felt like shouting into the void. I sent numerous emails, tried the live chat that seemed to be perpetually "offline," and even carrier pigeons would have been more responsive. It's as if they intentionally designed their customer service to be as elusive as a jackpot win on their platform.

And let's not even talk about withdrawals. It was like pulling teeth. The whole process was shrouded in mystery and red tape, with withdrawal requests disappearing into the void, and any attempts to get answers met with generic, automated responses that did little to address my concerns.

In conclusion, UNIBET is a digital nightmare that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. The lackluster games, convoluted registration, non-existent customer service, and withdrawal woes make this online casino a colossal waste of time and money. Save yourself the trouble and find a more reputable and player-friendly platform.

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