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Bitch and Moan Unfair Play/Odds - Red Flush Casino

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by frankensite, Jul 2, 2009.

    Jul 2, 2009
  1. frankensite

    frankensite Quit Gambling

    How can Casinomeister accredited a casino that makes unfair odds/play for players ?

    I have deposit $200 at Red flush casino without any bonus, and found out that the limits on the table are still the same as with bonus (max $50) !....whats up with that (kids casino)...unfair play/odds of practic I say.

    I mean they don't set limits on the slots the same way ???....WHY IS THAT I SAY ????
  2. Jul 2, 2009
  3. frankensite

    frankensite Quit Gambling

    LOL...Sorry, please put it in NON-Bonus issues
  4. Jul 2, 2009
  5. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    Table limits have no effect on the odds, or fairness of play. If they are only $50 though, this is LESS than the usual defaults offered by Microgaming. Maybe they are using "blunt force" to crack the probem of "bonus abuse" by setting permanent limits, rather than using the recently introduced feature whereby table and spin limits can be lowered during play with a bonus on the account.

    I have seen this in action at Go Wild, but not at Red Flush.

    Blackjack usually defaults to 500 table limit, but many casinos opted for 100 because of "bonus abuse" in the past.
    3 Card Poker defaults to 200 chips, meaning max of 200 on each of the three positions. I have seen this at EVERY MGS casino I have played at.

    If Red Flush have adopted limits of 50 permanently, these do seem rather low for MGS, and there are many other MGS casinos that offer higher limits by default, and a few that will raise the limits on request for VIP accounts.
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  6. Jul 2, 2009
  7. frankensite

    frankensite Quit Gambling

    1. Table limits have no effect on the odds...Then why lower it !??

    2. Limits are only on table games, NOT SLOTS !!

    3. Table limits have no effect on the odds, YES it has...or roulette and all other table games without limits would have been made !!!
  8. Jul 2, 2009
  9. frankensite

    frankensite Quit Gambling


    Chat Transcript
    info: Please wait while we connect you to a site operator.
    info: You are now chatting with 'James'
    James: Welcome to Red Flush Casino. How may I assist you?
    Frank: HI
    James: hello frank
    Frank: is it a joke with $50 limit on the BJ tables
    James: it is not a joke Frank, the limits will increase
    Frank: okay...then cancel my deposit..thanks
    James: we cannot cancell your deposit once it has been made Frank.
    Frank: no...I have made a withdrawal instead then...and close my account..thanks
    James: may i ask whether it is only because of the bet limits that you want your account closed Frank or is there something else with which you are not happy?
    Frank: yes...the limits
    James: okay, which particular game are you playing.
    Frank: have you also put down the limits on slots ????
    Frank: i mean fair should be fair.....
    James: no we have not
    Frank: if limits are down on table games why not the rest ??
    Frank: is that fair play ???
    James: the software which we run is Microgaming endorsed frank. we merely handle the customer support end of things.
    James: i apologize for your disappointment Frank,
    Frank: MG is not like this at 99% of the other places
    Frank: yes...fine....close account...I'll try other MG casino
    James: as i said Frank, the limits increase. all new players have a set limit at the beginning,
    James: then as i said the limits increase to 200.00
    Frank: yes..unfair play you would like
    Frank: and what are the problem...I play without BONUS
    Frank: forget it.....
    Frank: just close my account.....THANKS
    James: You will need to submit withdrawal documentation for us to process the withdrawal
    Frank: you know casinomeister website??...your heading there !
    Frank: have a nice freaking day !...CHAMP !
    Frank: CIAO !
    James: i know the site Frank however i am stating how the casino works. you can refer to the terms and conditions
    Frank: ciao.....CHAMP
    James: i do not mean to upset you Frank however our banking team will request these documents of you and i am merely giving you a heads up.
    Frank: I don't give rats ass what you want....I'll make fraud charge at the bank then...because thats what this is
    James: we will get back to you with regards to your account closure. Please feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance.
    Frank: set your limit at 1 cent - 1 dollar...lol...that make more senses
    Frank: lol
    Frank: ciao...banditdos
    Frank: pang...pang
    info: We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties, please try again in a few minutes.
  10. Jul 2, 2009
  11. frankensite

    frankensite Quit Gambling


    info: Please wait while we connect you to a site operator.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Isha'
    Isha: Welcome to Red Flush Casino. How may I assist you?
    Frank: I see you have closed my account
    Isha: Yes - as per your request
    Frank: and without giving me any notice
    Frank: by email as you said
    Isha: You requested to have your account closed and hence your account was closed
    Frank: and I therefore ask you what are status on my return of deposit of $200
    Isha: We cannot return deposits that you made at the casino and as for your withdrawal of $200.00 we need to see documents from you first before that can be paid
    Frank: all chat are logged...remember that....
    Frank: also from before !
    Isha: That is fine Frank .
    Frank: okay....I'll therefore report you to my bank tomorrow for fraud !
    Frank: also check casinomeister !
    Isha: And what fraud have we committed if I may ask ?
    Frank: have a nice day.....thanks for your time
    Isha: Pleasure then
    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to ********** at the end of your chat.
    Isha: Is there anything further that I can assist you with?
  12. Jul 2, 2009
  13. aka23

    aka23 Dormant account

    Planet Earth
    I think you are really out of line with this. As VW said, table limits should not influence the game odds. If you need to bet more than $50 per hand on BJ, then I'd suggest explaining this to a support or VIP rep in a less abrasive way that does not involve threatening a chargeback. There is a good chance that they would increase the table limits for you.

    Requesting documents prior to a withdrawal is not at all unusual, even if you didn't wager. Some casinos will also require you to complete a small playthrough before permitting a withdrawal, to hinder money laundering.
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  14. Jul 2, 2009
  15. thebizb

    thebizb Dormant account

    almost all casinos request some documentation before processing your withdraw whether you've played or not.

    Secondly threatening them with casinomeister is way out of line. Instead of speaking with a vip rep or someone who can help with raising your limits you blow a lid and make yourself look like an ass. They're probably glad your gone i know i would be.
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  16. Jul 2, 2009
  17. lauram

    lauram Dormant account

    self employed
    For the life of me im confused. You deposited 200 then saw table limits are set at 50 and want your money back. All your 200 would cover would be 4 bets.
    If the limit was higher it would be 2 bets then. So I take it that if you won on a 100 bet you would of raced to that cashout button and been gone. This is the reason a lot of the casinos are looking into changing deposits with no bonuses making us have a playthrough. I fully understand after you showing your 200 deposit to make 2 bets why the casinos have lowered the limit on table games.
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  18. Jul 2, 2009
  19. maxd

    maxd Complaints (PAB) Manager Staff Member

    The PAB Guy
    Sorry Frankensite but from where I stand your complaint seems totally spurious and unreasonable, hence the re-tag to "Bitch and Moan".

    Also, as mentioned, using us as a threat against ANYONE, including a casino, is _very_ uncool and not at all condoned by us.

    You should apologize to Red Flush and attempt to be more specific about what it is that has upset you. So far you are just coming off as if you're 'on tilt'.
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  20. Jul 2, 2009
  21. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Hi Frankensite,

    To be blunt, you're a player from hell.

    I absolutely hate it when players like you badger customer support reps with threats that you'll post your complaint if you don't have your way. What a dweeb!

    Way out of line - give me a good reason why I shouldn't suspend your posting privileges in the complaints section. That I'd like to hear. :rolleyes:

    Good way to have your forum account permanently banned.
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  22. Jul 2, 2009
  23. Balky

    Balky Senior Member

    The chat representatives remained very friendly and professional. I dont want to be offensive, but if thats your usual way of treating other people in conversations, then I wouldnt want to be one of your friends or family members.

    Cheers Balky
  24. Jul 2, 2009
  25. spearmaster

    spearmaster RIP Ted

    Devil's Advocate
    I would go so far as to say that this should be made a condition of membership at CM.

    Players should not be allowed to use CM's name and reputation as a tool in their attempts to obtain a resolution.
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  26. Jul 2, 2009
  27. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    Well, it looks like Frankensite didn't like our criticizing his behaviour, so he's quit the forum. Too bad he quit instead of realizing and admitting the error of his ways.

    But fine by me. :thumbsup: B'bye and happy trails.
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  28. Jul 2, 2009
  29. chuchu59

    chuchu59 gambling addict CAG PABnonaccred

    Well, he's gone and good riddance. Players like these should be rogued if there is such a thing.
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  30. Jul 2, 2009
  31. Deeplay

    Deeplay New World Order CAG mm1 webmeister

    Works For Self
    The biG Eu
    What a rude horrible person! Im bang with the casino on this one. I mean if he had deposited 20k then he could have made a point but 200 lol = 4 bets. And then his attidude awful.
  32. Jul 2, 2009
  33. BrianBuzz

    BrianBuzz Dormant account

    Casino Host
    Haha rogued players. Maybe they could be coupled with rogued casinos, matches made in...hell lol? :p
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  34. Jul 2, 2009
  35. Westland Bowl

    Westland Bowl Tin Foil Hat Club Member CAG PABnonaccred

    not applicable
    I agree the player was awful in his attitude toward the casino and was mis-using the Casinomeister site in a blackmail way. But I believe he probably was using a progression betting strategy- remember, if you read my Heroes saga, I deposited $200 and the maximum limit was $500. I'm sure he wasn't wanting to do the maximum bet each hand but in case his progression betting grows, $50 is extremely low. I wonder if this thread has anything to do with the recent postings on my 3-year old City Club thread of similar circumstances with them? [I now see that City Club thread is closed.]
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  36. Jul 2, 2009
  37. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom
    This might be so, but he seemed to launch straight into an abrasive attack. No fraud by the casino had been committed at that stage, as this would ONLY be the case were they to keep his deposit monies. The threat to chargeback at the bank has created stalemate. The casino cannot pay until they can be sure there will be no chargeback, and this could involve a lengthy delay.
    Chats are logged, so upon review of what was posted here at least, the casino would have reason to believe the risk of chargeback in this case to be very high indeed, and would probably wait for the inevitable. This player would also be graded "high risk" with the processor, which may also process payments for many casinos.

    With MGS software, it should be possible to enter the games BEFORE making a deposit, and check the maximum allowed chip size, which would be a good indicator of max bet. In MGS Blackjack, you can choose a chip size equal to the max bet, so if the max chip is $50, this is also the table limit.

    Had the player explained they wanted to try a progressive betting strategy (if this was indeed the case), the casino should have said that they can have the $200 limit upgrade by sending in their documents, as in the long run the casino would stand to win.

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