Sutlanbet Non Sticky Bonus as a reason to keep 8000 Euro


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Jan 4, 2023
I deposited 300 euros and won 8,000.

They refuse to pay out my winnings because their terms and conditions contain some extremely unfair statements such as these:

"Note: Any winnings made prior to the expiry of the reload bonus (deposit bonus) may be withdrawn by cancelling the bonus. However, the maximum payout is twice (2x) of the initial deposit amount. If the winnings are from the first deposit, the maximum payout amount is twice (2x) of the first deposit. Any amount exceeding this requirement will be deducted from the Customer's balance. "

To be honest, I don't know if that's possible. In my opinion, a normally defined nonsticky bonus is defined as follows: “If you win with your own money, you can keep the winnings. "On the other hand, when a casino offers a non-sticky bonus, it means that a player can withdraw the first deposit and all winnings made from it without having to meet any wagering requirements. This is a great advantage when playing at casinos that offer non-binding bonuses. "

How on earth can it be legal for me to only withdraw twice my deposit? This is completely ridiculous and in my opinion not at all fair.

I need your help in this regard.

Technically, I didn't play with bonus money. I didn't reach the bonus in any way. I have been playing exclusively with my own money the whole time and have not touched the bonus money in any way.

How can it be legal to set a maximum payout for raw money? How?

Will someone please explain this to me?

Please help. . .

I have not yet made a successful withdrawal at this casino.

My KYCs have been verified and confirmed.

I have deactivated and canceled the deposit bonus.

There were no wagering conditions in this regard, since I have since CANCELLED the bonus, which actually legally should also stand for that all associated terms and conditions should be deleted and should no longer apply.

I received a win within MY deposited 300 Euro then cancelled the bonus and then submitted the amount of 1,800 Euro as a withdrawal.

In my opinion, with this requested withdrawal should make all remaining Bonus Terms and Conditions invalidated and all winnings that were received afterwards are legal on my side.

Therefore, it cannot be that Casino simply does not accept the later withdrawals of €4,500 and €2,800 and considers them null and void.
If it was in the terms before you made the deposit there is nothing you can do about it. Always understand the terms before depositing.
I understand that, but shouldnt the Terms and Conditions not be viable anymore after i requested my first withdrawal?

If not, how does it makes sense ?
They always check to see if you broke any of the terms before they pay your withdrawal. The term that you broke said:

"Any winnings made prior to the expiry of the reload bonus (deposit bonus) may be withdrawn by cancelling the bonus. However, the maximum payout is twice (2x) of the initial deposit amount"

Ya it sucks and I agree you should be able to withdraw your winnings but it was in the terms that said 2X of the initial deposit. This is a terrible term and no one should ever play a casino with this restrictive term. Let them know you will never play here again with this term in place.

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