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Feb 7, 2021
Hi Guys

Just after some advice in the general was lucky enough to have my biggest set of wins across a few games last night up to 7000 euros.

I have made a withdrawal request for 5000 which I believe is the maximum in one go they did contact me via email yesterday and I replied.

I also emailed their rep who has been extremely helpful in the past but not had a reply to either as yet. In the main never had much of an issue with skill on the net withdrawals.

I am appreciative it’s been less than 24 hours just this in a lot of money to me so any advice would be much appreciated.
I have no intention of doing that though I am slightly concerned by the lack of a response so far.

"Less than 24 hours" and it is the weekend. My (unasked for) advice would be to see what happens Monday.

If you don't get anywhere with this you're welcome to do the PAB thing.

- Max
Hi Max

Had a reply from them I think it’s probably the size of the win it’s my biggest by far has a couple of thousand a few times but never this high off a casino so will just wait and see.

It’s my first withdrawal off spin genie in my experience on skill on the net the first one is always the slowest so hopefully by early next week should see some movement.

I will keep on top of it and let you know.
@Durham307 , you've asked me privately how long you should wait, etc. I'd say give it until tomorrow morning. If nothing of significance has happened by then I'd say proceed with the PAB and we'll sort it out that way.

- Max
Hi Max

I have an update it’s happened before with my new style debit card the payment was rejected at my banks end. So I have resubmitted my withdrawal via wire which has worked on other skill on the net sites.

I got the first part of my winnings in my bank account today and had a second withdrawal email for the part this morning so hopefully get that tomorrow.

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