Underwater Bowling? anyone?


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This was kinda fun I hope it comes out right.

[Bet you play more than one game…]


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To tell you the truth Underwater Bowling has been played for many years.
Back in my days on the swim team we did this for Ha Ha's
We would play this after a swim meet with other schools.

Hey Lib I see your pic is not showing so here is one I found.



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:thumbsup: all I know is I was named most handicapped player back in the 70's when I played on a league with my boyfriend and they meant handicapped in it's true form. It was pathetic where that ball would go and the jig I would dance trying to get my feet timed right. But underwater? I'm good.:p


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okay I have played it ALL afternoon on and off....:D:D I saved it to my favorites .....277 was the best I did :)

Thanks Felicie :thumbsup::thumbsup:


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277???:eek: geez and I was so jazzed at 152. Am pretty sure I use to score a little higher than my current age bowling on land though. It's amazing but I have learned to live without bowling all these years.:rolleyes: In fact when the boyfriend and I split I made him take the bowling ball with him. planted in hisl......no just kidding.;) Anyway WTG Voltage!

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