Turn $0.9 to $152.10 with the free spin on Thunderstruck


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Jul 20, 2003
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I know it's not a big win. BUT I am :D

I was playing Thunderstruck Video Slot at Showdown Casino today. Started at $94, up and down for a while with most $0.9 bets and few $2.25 bets. Ready to say goodbye... but I got 3 Rams (15 free spins) and got ANOTHER 3 "3 RAMS" in the free spin. So I total got 60 free spin.

Result: $0.9 bet turn to $152.10. Too bad, it didn't happen at my $2.25 bet ;)
Yes - a great slot - well addictive though!

You wanna look out for this one...only had it once in oh-so-many sessions - i was out in the kitchen having a drink and wandered back in to all this flashing - 4500 coins ;)

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