Is not allowed to open game with withdraw only role


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Feb 21, 2006
I was going though some of my casino accounts looking for some book of dead spins. At I had 0.9 NOK left in my balance, perfect. This would give me 9 spins on book of dead at 1 line, minimum bet. However when I try opening the game I get an error...

Is not allowed to open game with withdraw only role​

Error type: InvalidUserRole
All error details can be found by logger request id: ...somechecksum...

2022/05/16 11:44:14
I tried opening legacy of dead, which also lets me spin for 0.10 when selecting 1 line at minimum bet same result. Could anyone enlilghten me what this means, I have never heard of this before.

Also, what would the reasoning behind this be ?
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Did you try any further games to get this message?
How long has it been since you visited the casino.
Have you received communication that the casino is closing its operations?

Normally Withdraw only being applied relates to casinos who are either closing down their operations OR your account has been dormant for a certain period of time, so your account is kind of suspended.

Reach out to the casinos CS and enquire.

As the balance is so low, If you leave the balance it (should) just go into a charity account of the casinos choosing.

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