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Aug 25, 2013
roscommon ireland
Not sure if this topic has come up before.
I can only speak for the few casino's i play at but recently i have noticed when you open up a slot the stake can be a lot bigger than the minimum.

Bettson- Play Raging Rhino a lot at the minimum stake 40c. The slot used to open with that minimum stake. Now when you open the slot it will show you a 5x so 2 euro bet.

Fun Casino - Dead or Alive opens up at 4.50.

With Bettson yes i was caught out and my deposit lasted seconds rather than a bit longer as i was not paying attention and played at 2 euro a hit rather than my 40c.

Surely with safer gambling every slot should be set at the minimum and allow the customer to change stake as of course people like me will be caught out.
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For the UK market, I recall this happening at a decent number of casinos when the auto-play ban came in. So before you'd have auto-play and 20p default stake, and after you'd have no auto-play and £1 or £2 default stake.

Some sites have started to revert this behaviour recently, possibly due to UKGC pressure around a rumoured £5 maximum bet incoming, but plenty still have the default bet set many steps higher than the minimum.

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