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Aug 4, 2005
This casino continues to amaze me. Not only are their customer service people the best I have ever had contact with, but I withdrew yesterday morning, emailed them to flush it, which they did and GUESS WHAT,it is already in my neteller account. WOW:lolup: This casino is the best I have ever played at. Sorry all you others, but this casino is top notch, on the ball and take care of any problems immediately. I am a little ahead and that makes me happy. but even if I wasn't I still stand by them. What a concept!!!!!!! A casino that really cares about its players and bends over backwards to make sure they are happy. HEADS UP.:thumbsup:
I don't ask for flushing any more - but Trident Lounge always processes the payment right on 24 hours. You will rarely ever find any complaints about this casino - and when there are, they are very minor and always rectified quickly.

All of the casinos in this group are top-notch in my opinion. And as for support - well heck, I didn't award them Best Support for 2004 for nothing :)

I played at Trident and didn't cash out, but that's good to know.

I did, however, ask for a flush this morning from All Jackpots. Flush done in 30 min., in my neteller in 7 1/2 hours.

I also like that they don't have a min. withdrawal of $50 like Maple. I had more than that today, but sometimes I'm playing with small amounts.

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