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Aug 9, 2001
Can I suggest to the online casino operators out there that they would get a lot more revenue for these tournaments if they change the criteria for winning them. Most tournaments pay the top prize to the highest net winner. This is fine for high rollers who don't mind betting table maximums all the time. These are the guys/gals who will win these tournaments. But you're only gonna get high rollers playing these tourneys. If you changed the criteria to highest percentage winner (winnings/stake*100) then you open up the tournament for anybody. High rollers can still bet high and minimum stake players can still bet low. Check out the Global Player tournament. This is the only one I know that uses this criteria and it works well. I really think you all should consider making this change as I for one would play in more tournaments because of it.

Also, what's the point of having a tourney if people don't know what they have to beat. There should be a leaderboard displayed for at least the top 5 players. This way people would not be playing in the dark and again it would make your tourney more popular.

Just my thoughts.
Just check also Mapau, Casino Fortune and Miami Beach sometimes they offer Video Poker Tournaments based on % winning.
The question for casino operators then becomes ...
more $$ or more tournament participants...

yea, more participants = more cash long term, but maybe they are just milking their big dogs. (ewww)
I probably shouldn't post this here but CherryCasino runs tournaments almost every week which are % based.
We feel it is the fairest way, interesting and fun to all players no matter how much they play for. We also have a leaderboard for the top 10 which updates every 10 seconds.

The most important goal is to get as many partipants as possible, as to ensure some good old competition, as well as some fun.

Paul Wilson

I'll be hitting that download button very soon then. Tell me, what sort of prize money do you give out?
Prizes vary from tourney to tourney but $300 is the norm, with prizes for 2nd and 3rd also. The tourney's run for a couple of days.
The idea is for the player to have a little friendly competition with the chance to take home a tidy sum as well, and of course there's pride at stake! :)

No need to download, we're non download, you can win from anywhere!

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